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  1. Ok as you like Woodeta it is , and amendments have been made, cant think of anything else to go with . Actualy my grandson has got used to called her Woodster All the set for the future from us all here
  2. They love the millets trees, thing i will strat buying in bulk. And the DNA results are back and all 3 are hens, so on the look out for a few ***** in ready for mext year.
  3. Oh well, it seems our Woody is a Woodeta, yes got the DNA back and he is a she
  4. A small update, i fitted a light in the inner flight/r87oom a few days back hoping they would go in, and after a day they did, once i moved the food in there again and tempted them with some millet spray just inside. It is a 24W bulb, it is on all the time but as soon as i bulid the bird room it will be on a auto dimmer. For a small bulb it actualy gives a bit of heat off still, not enough to harm them though if they touch it, i checked that out first of all, i was going to mesh over it for safety. I had a brain wave aslo , they like to sit on the willow a lot and they love there millet, so i came up with this, a few cable tied to the branchs http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_birds002.jpg[/img] http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_birds001.jpg[/img] http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_birds004.jpg[/img] http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_birds003.jpg[/img] I will be getting the results back tomorrow i think for the DNA test, so hope to be able to get a few paired up in the new year. All the best from us all here for Xmas and new year :)
  5. Possibly something only your close family or friends could answer I think it will have to Woodeta, but then i cant afford to go depol LOL Well i asked T if she thoguht i was till cute without Woody........ she didnt know i was with him lol Got a new hiding place for Our Woody like playing hide and seek with him, he was up there for a while untill Traceys are started to ache LOL, then i had to call him out and encourage him to get out http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_morepics004.jpg[/img] It could of been the drink http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_morepics002.jpg[/img] http://i409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/tn_morepics001.jpg[/img] You ever seen a parrot down half pint bow...no me either, it was there then it wasnt
  6. Such a sad thing to happen this, a good thing you took him in. Hope he gets better, i came across one many years back when fishing on a canal, it was sitting on the bank side with a limp wing and extremely tired, i could do anything but luckily a passer by walking his dog was local and went home for the RSPCA. I wish i knew if it made it.
  7. Here you are then Sue, he lpves his kisses/preening and cuddles, wish it was abetter vid, there will be more to come. http://s409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/?action=view&current=001.mp4 As soon as this finished he managed to jump on Traceys foot and clamp her toe http://s409.photobucket.com/albums/pp172/wolly_03/?action=view&current=002.mp4
  8. Well Andy and Rubes, decided to just use the mesh i have, i had a look on the website Rubes, have a good selection, my god it aint cheap from them is it, aviary mesh that is. they have some that will do what i was after but by time its deliverd etc :shock:, cheap skate in me
  9. Only for names sake , cant think of a female name for Woody :roll: Tuff cooky our Woody , i would love to get a vid of hoim playing, the bird way, he is a more like a pitbull than a terrier of the bird world, dont bite ( much lol ) but like he is avin a go, rolls on his back with his beak and claws going ten to the dozen and giving a feeble sqwark. either way i am not bother Marion....aslong as its not a he-she :oops: would i still be cute without him :oops:
  10. ll is fine this morning in the aviary, when i went to the aviary and called they came out of the nesting box and flew to the mesh to see me, all 3 of them. Which i was so glad about. Looks like they are all going to be ok now. Did there usual and flew all around waiting for the morning feed, dont know why but the cinnamon lands on my head for a moment then off again. They were aviary birds before i got them and since i have had them they have been outside except for a few weeks when i first got them and they was in cony, unheated then back outside. I have just had an idea for the aviary roof to keep the cats off, i could try some of them pigeon spike around the edges, mite stop them climbing on, they can still get on the solid roof but not the meshed part. I am going to go out today as i need to stock up on feed and while i am out i am going to get either a battery night light or a mains dimmer for the inner flight, this mite intice them to go in there and feed and sleep more. Alls well that ends well as they say
  11. Well the vets have just called with the results and found that all he can put it down to was a stress related death, all was in fine internaly and very healthy. So all i ca think of for the stress to kill the poor fid was a mixture of getting DNA feathers, being in a new enviroment and the cats that keep jumping on the aviary roof, plus the last few days the neighbours house alarm has been going off, i think that all these mixed together would not be good. The vet said you can have some birds that can get stressed very easy, i asked about the the bird but he could say anyhting and it would be ok to put it back in the aviary aslong as it is feeding and acting well, which it is, i come home and its bouncing around the cage and swinging upside down calling to the other birds in the aviary. Gutted to loose my first bird but as i have been told it happens in aviculture mainly aviarys. Thanks all for the comments and kindness. wayne
  12. Just booked in with the vets, i have booked in for a PM at 3pm, i have wrapped him in a towel and placed in the fridge untill then. I cant et there sooner as still cant drive and Tracey isnt home untill then. I understand Rubes what you are saying and thanks for the PM, its a thing you cant say/talk about without not wanting to come across wrong. I am feeling mixed emotions now as the other ones has come around a bit more, he has flew up onto the perch, still a little fluffed up and sat with his eyes closed, but he has been going down to food and drink. Just checked his poop and its looks ok..ish, he is preening himself aswell as i speak. Can Conures get stressed when his mate dies, could this be the problem with the one here?
  13. Not been a good morning, i got up and went and did the usual routine and fed all the fids, i always look upon them first to see how they are, i spotted one dive into the inner room which i thought great they have been using it for there food and shelter etc, the other 2 were flying around as usual, but i couldnt see the other GC, i thought he would be in the nesting boxs in the aviary, but no i spotted him sat or nearly lying on the floor in the corner hardly moving. I rushed indoors to get the spare cage ready and went back for him/her and brought him inside but only for the little fella to rollover 5 mins after and pass away, it near brought me to tears, how the hell can i let that happen. When i picked him up i noticed a small white patch of all i can describe it as is puss at the bottom of his eye? I went back in to carry on tending to the others, where to find the one that went into the inner room was still in there, but not feeding just sat there. Now he did seem like the other that had just passed away but i still brought him/her inside and put him in the cage with the food and water, he sat there for the 10 mins not doing anyhting just fluffed up and head down, but i have been talking to him and when i do he pirks up and has a go on some seed, he has been skwalking aswell so i hope he is coming round now. These two were bonded, always together and feeding each other, i dont know the sex as i was just about to get the DNA`d What could i have done wrong for this to happen? the other two in the aviary are fine as always.
  14. Wicked, all i ever get sat in my spot is a grotty teenanger :roll:
  15. Hi HJ, not realy a business as such, just something to keep me occupied untill i know if i can go back to work, its earning money but not a wage, it would be good to get a wage and if it does its a bonus.
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