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  1. zazu is settling in excellently, really coming out of his shell! im.worried,that he might be getting cold at night so we got him a nesting box. its been in his cage now for three days and he doesnt seem to be using it. do parrots use nesting boxes? also how can I tell if hes getting too cold? x
  2. hes called zazu, hes gorgeous! can any of you tell me how to post pics of him on here?
  3. wow that went so well! all your advice was grea folks!! he came out straight away and had a climb around and watched tv! we got him back in,tenpting him with a,nut! good boy he was!
  4. thank you, will let u know how it goes tonight!
  5. we have had zazu for a week now, he seems to be settling more with us,.although he still has his little stroppy moments when hes tired! we really want to let him out of his cage now he has been with us a while, but we are worried about scaring him if we cant get him to go back in after playtime, as we have been told he will never forgive us if we have to catch him. does anyone have any suggestions on hoe to make this as stressless as possible for him?
  6. thats excellent thank u both for being so helpful
  7. my parrot constantly goes for me too but will let my.husband stroke him, its very fustrating!
  8. m zazus fave treat has always been monkey nuts we were told when we took him.on. we give.him.roasted ones in.the shell as a treat. may have to.stock up more on apples and sweet potato instead if its a risk!
  9. i do! how do i upload it on here? its on my mobile phone he still seems to really dislike me. think.he needs more time to settle!
  10. ooh thank u for the tip! we sprayed him the other day and,he didnt seem too fussed!
  11. hes,a ten year old amazon mealy,hes lovely :-)
  12. thanks guys. he was,sittibg chattering away last night while we werevwatching telly, must be getting used to his new surroundings :-)
  13. his previous owner used to have him out of the cage on a regular basis. cage is about five foot high and three foot wide. been told he loves nuts, apples and grapes. not sure if he has had wings clipped. toys were given to us with him. ps thanks for the link madmudmob
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