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  1. My birds go outdoors every day into their play aviaries, in the summer they love the hose on them every day, not a fine mist spray, but heavy wide angle spray, they hang upside down, sing, flap their wings, twirl round and round the branches, truly fantastic sight to watch, and always brings laughter and smiles to all who have seen them.....in the winter, they aren't outside so long, but some days they still "ask" for the hose, then yet again they will frolic and play whilst I stand shivering under woolly hat, scarf, heavy coat....how do I know that they "asked" for a bath, simple if I pick up the hose they literally fluff up and flap their wings, but strange to me is, if I put them out and it rains then they all want to come in, never worked this out, like a hose wash down, but not a rain wash down!!! Believe me even after a bath, they have soon replenished that dander. My birds bathing has intertained the neighbours many times over, and their singing too...
  2. My birds stand on the Salter scales every month, they know that when the scales are on the worktop its for them, each will stand for me to get their weight, and then they receive extra kisses and snuggles, lots of praise as well. I have even taught birds boarding with me to use the scales, in my view I believe it helps one keep eye on the health of your bird. Also whenever mine are at the vets they easily all stand on the scales for the vet. I too, handle my birds and can feel their weight, as I do again with boarders, but believe having actual figures is a blessing. Any birds rescued or rehomed by myself have also always been put on the scales, some yes do take some training, but we eventually get there. I also find it interesting to see the various weights some experts put species to be between, some of mine certainly don't fit and yet are healthy, always passing their MOT at the vets!!! But we all have different views and reasons.....
  3. WOW, credits to you Greg, have successfully found and read reports, now accept I "jumped" too soon, fully understand the privacy and to timneh, I have not until few weeks ago, been computor user, and I'm still learning how these forums, webs etc work, believe you me this topic and what I've read the past 15mins on this topic in way back post tells me how out of touch I have been, but maybe I'll keep my thoughts to myself. The reason people may not come forward who bought birds from NPS could be because they were breeders, or trying to be breeders, David. I actually know this, I have successfully rehomed bird sold by NPS for breeding to chap, this poor bird, a pet, donated to NPS, don't know how long it was there, then sold for breeding to lets call Sid,he had the bird possibly 2-3 yrs, no it never bred, thankgoodness, and due to Sid's circumstances I rehomed said bird into one of the most caring and secure homes. I have seen this bird go from a nervous, feared humans, lived in its box until dark, wow now, its affectionate, playful, interacts with both humans and other birds, thats good. So agin sorry for putting my foot in it.
  4. Sorry me again, David interesting your remark, " people have had cheap birds from NPZ". SN proclaims NOT to sale any birds, and yes I know this is a lie, but another interesting point surely?
  5. Thank you Greg and David, as I'm new to computors, etc won't have read links, but will certainly learn how this is done and hopefully do it successfully.
  6. Ummm well here I go, GG very true what you say...but where are, and why aren't you supporting this issue with the reports on this facility that you wrote earlier this year?! OR have I misunderstood the person who told me you had done said reports, and all the recommendations that you had listed requiring urgent attention at this place. Why are you not willing now to come up front, say what you saw, and where can one view said reports if you have made them? Not doubting either you or the person who discussed reports with me.. Sue, very well put, say it as you think it, very much behind you here.....I'm always upsetting people coz I say what I think!! I think you have done great job from across the sea's, credit to you for continuing.. Pippy, yes this is very, very upsetting, has been like this for a few too many years. Tore me apart when I visited in Nov 06, I can't bare to think what the hell it's like now with treble the number of innocent prisoners, SN is a conman, I regret meeting the man that day, and have felt every day since for any bird that has the unfortunate fate of going there. Lets hope that the more reports from individuals something can, no, WILL get done....for the most beautiful, intelligent and innocent inmates, and so no more perish as they did last winter...sorry can't say no more, once again can't hold back the tears or sickness in my stomach, nor anger that what I'd like to do to those responsible for the cruelty.
  7. Thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome, and for your kind words and advice. Will certainly get round to some pics, seems so much to learn and my brains clogged with snorting Cockatoo cocaine!!!! Health warning.....DON'T TRY THIS you'll be addicted like me, with pickled brain too.
  8. I totally agree as well, you seem so vulnerable because you desperately long for such a beautiful bird, gut instincts tells me something ain't right with this adoption. Same advice, don't part with any money.
  9. Apologises for not being polite and saying "hello" to you all sooner. But please bare with me, for I'm a true novice where computors, webs,forums are all concerned....my brains snorted too much Cockatoo cocaine!!!!!I have already posted and hope I've not made enemies, or put my big foot in it!!! I am ruled, owned by 10 demanding Cockatoo's and elderly tortoise, (the quiet one and easiest, in hibernation now). Due to having kept birds over 20 years, and in childhood, sadly I have EAA, but will not let this condition rob me of special time with my birds, who are my soul mates, best friends and very much my anti depressants. I hope to meet and make new friends here, and maybe along the way help others with knowledge learnt keeping such beautiful birds. Have already enjoyed the past few postings. Warning...I don't come on here every day, as my birds needs come first and forthright, so may not have time, but certainly will be back, hopefully, better go snort another 'too for my early fix!!!! Health warning to others.....DON'T DO IT, I know the concequences. xxxx
  10. Love the name too, and am very pleased that no allergic reaction. shall look forward to hearing news on how your relationship developes. Have male Elec that has been known to me since he was 18weeks, he's now 7, Verde, lovely, sweet, gentle nature, and has been wonderful with baby arriving and the other children. In my view they are very laid back ideal parrots, and their colours are amazing. Wish you much happiness.
  11. You mention taking the bird out everywhere with you, my concern here is... is that for you to show off? hope not....to say look what I have? money no object....and then attract those evil men who steal these birds and oh boy what they will do to get their hands on one of these expensive birds....but more importantly, I don't know how old you are, but I persume you will want to be in a relationship etc, well consider the bird and whom ever your partner maybe.....babies and parrots do not go together...and from experience here I have sacrificed EVERYTHING for my birds, yes that includes relationships, holidays, and it will be life, not for few years but past 21 years.....don't somehow think many others would, please think of the kind of life you will be giving this bird, and please continue to do research, learn learn even more, I am still learning now, never will know too much, all the advice on these forums is beacuse everyone cares about the birds side as well as knowing the ups and downs, the reality checks of having thses beautiful, intelligent heartmelting feathered creatures as our family members. Please don't take offense from what is written.
  12. Can confirm Rosemead are fantastic, and I'm more worried that the guy who let you down now knows you have a bird....hope security is high on your list. Sorry to be kill joy. Think you are great coz I believe play aviaries are a must and whenever I have rehomed any of my rescued birds, insisted they have play aviary, as all the birds I have taken in have become accustom to this facility. Good luck.
  13. Very much agree with Greg, and am pleased they had the courage to ask the question, but also feel maybe if they have no experience with large exotic parrots, should this be really what they should be looking to buy....maybe more research, more questions to those who have kept these birds is the way to go, I always wanted these birds but knew I could never provide the space they required. Be it said, the ones I keep now I question myself daily am I giving them the best, but those who have seen my set up, seen what I have sacrifed and know me tell me my birds are lucky....I'd still love to win millions and give them more and take on all the birds at the NPS.
  14. I agree with all the advice already given, and I use Zolcal D, but to ensure my birds get their dose I actually give it to them mixed in greek yoghurt on a bent sided teaspoon, this is another way you and your husband can try bonding with your new "babe". Also again I believe if you can get a bird use to taking soft foods from a teaspoon, then God forbid, if they ever have to have medication you know how one can administer, less stressful than syringe feeding, and over 21 years I have only had 3 rescued birds in that I have not been able to accept the spoon. For my birds it is a daily treat to have something each day of the teaspoon, so if they are poorly they will automatically still take the spoon, and I always taste any meds to see how vile, then accordingly find the right treat to feed. I think its sad a 3 year old bird has already had 3 homes, the trauma poor little soul has endured, may now they feel wanted and loved, good luck.xx
  15. Certainly oil filled rads are much safer than any gas fire. In winter when very very cold, I use these to maintain the temperature around my birds, and have done for past 15 years, with no problems, except of course power cuts!!
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