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  1. hi yes have an air purifier bought when we had an eclectus but like I said wife has no allergic reaction to our Australian king . so not needed to use it
  2. Hi all its been awhile some may remember me a brief history bought an African grey about 3 years ago unfortunately wife was allergic had to rehome her.Then after a lot of research found out that eclectus are supposed to be hypoallergenic and so more suitable for allergy sufferers, once again wife was allergic and had to rehome. final part last summer we were visiting a pet shop where they had some Australian king parrots wife fell in love with one and insisted we try again not holding out much hope bought our little boy(we think seems to changing colour) cage and all the toys avian lamp etc, etc . but great news as far as we are concerned wife has had no reaction to him at all we regularly visit homes with greys and senegals both of which she has an almost imeadiate reaction too. do not know what the difference is have looked for information as to why the wife has no reaction to our king, is anybody aware of what the difference is ?
  3. hi try at the top of the page where it says show unread posts since your last visit under where it says welcome then ur user name
  4. hi marion thanks for asking she has got a slight reaction but nothing like she had with the cag it is manageable just trying to reduce it even further she has fallen in love with taffy and cant resist handling him like we all have in the house
  5. thanks marion wasnt sure which one to put it in
  6. hi can any one recommend an air purifier to suit a room aprox 25 square metres must be quiet and where it is available from please
  7. taffy gets sprayed daily and he had his first shower yesterday this was the result
  8. he did look a bit funny but soon prettied up with the dryer on him. and yes it did make the efort wortwhile when i saw him climb onto his ladder for the first time looking for my next project now
  9. oh sorry forgot to say he seems to be eating a lot more fresh food now yesterday he ate a fig kiwi and some apple so things looking up i also hung half a coconut in his cage which he seems to be munching on every now and again.
  10. hi and welcome i am new too so wont make any suggestions just a big welcome
  11. yes a proper shower in a human shower he seemed to enjoy it link to diaries for pictures added https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=520446#520446
  12. picture includes his ladder i made for him seems to be his favourite perch too he seemed to enjoy the shower and was no problem at all even seemed to enjoy a cool hairdryer from the outside of the cage
  13. f5 helps but use google chrome as your browser it works much better than internet explorer
  14. thanks all for your tips and recipes marion yes i know they are a different type of parrot to the grey i did my research (a lot of research) and yes the breeder a very good breeder in my opinion in mattyjordan yes i had diet sheets ete etc and he is always there for advice he did tell me that at the moment taffy prefered seed to fruit and veggies but just to persevere with the fruits etc on getting him home i was just happy that he is eating something as he was a bit nervous of his new surroundings. now however he is eating fine as far as seed goes but is starting to take a little fruit and veg now that he has settled down i have started taking the seed from his cage untill the evening, I make him fruit kebabs one day then veggies the next which hangs next to his favorite perch he always has a bowl of fresh sprouts mung beans chickpeas and aduki beans which i mix in a little of his seed to try and get him interested he enjoyed pomegranate. loves a little apple slightly warmed in the microwave so yes i know he needs a different diet and trying lots of different things to tempt him.the fruits and vegs i have tried so far consist of sprouts as above ,apple banana,melon pineapple grapes kiwi blueberries pomegranate,carrot broccoli cauliflower peas green salad leaves rocket spinach peppers red and yellow also jalapeno peppers. he has also had millet sprays and and them fruity parrot treats u hang from the cage.so i believe i have given him a varied diet and he will have scrambled egg tomorrow and every sat shell included. tomorrow will be the end of his first week with us and he has settle quite well considering he is only a baby he has just statred the last 2 days playing with his toys showing me that he is starting to settle.if im doing anything wrong please say as i wont be offended always greatfull for advice. he comes out at least 3 times a day for an hour or so at the moment flys around and crash lands, which is improving with practice he will step up on command already so i am hopefull i can teach him lots of new tricks.he gets a light spraying each morning and sat i hope to give him a shower if he will let me without stressing him too much sorry about the essay but love talking about him as i have waited so long to get him.
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