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  1. Its definately a thought - if one's into photography However, I'm looking for factual information from the manufactures of the lighting; it doesn't seem to exist, but should be commonplace. Indeed, some parrots shun the light, but most require good lighting conditions. Its surely benificial if the parrots have the choice to either hide or bask. Yes Claytonfarlow the FSL does appear to provide them the added colours plus the feel good factor. Personally I'm not after just UV, but, increased visibility, improved color rendering etc. Some of my parrots dont have access to direct light - hence the need of FSL; UV being a part of the system. Yes, vitimin supplements can help, but only to a degree. Just spoke to technical; now sorted. They say Full Spectrum bulbs and flouresents should be placed as near to the cage a possible (obviously not in reach of claws or beaks). So maximum benifits are 6 inches from top of cage. http://www.barrieranimalcareclinic.co.uk/pdf/arcadia%20birds.pdf Thanks for the input!!
  2. My problem is that I can't find any guidelines on how much wattage and from what distances delivers the right amount of full-spectrum lighting/UV Lighting to the bird(s) and how that varies with species. For instance, would a double flourescent require the same distance etc etc. 30w or 50w? Small bird - big bird- so many scenarios. Norhtern Parrots sell the same arcadia lighting as http://www.sunriseaviculture.co.uk/ Sunrise are going to forward some acardia literature that (they say) advises on such matters.
  3. Thanks for that!!! Can you include the link please?
  4. iF you've bought specific Ultra Violet bulbs then they are just that and do not cover the Full Spectrum ranges of light; though your lights will produce vitimin D3 for your birds - and give them a good tan Full Spectum Lighting supposedly covers the whole lighting spectrum - including UV. Best to do a research.
  5. Exactly that Mars Bought mine at sunrise aviaculture.
  6. It's widely regarded as highly benificlal. Increased visibility, improved color rendering, better health, and greater productivity. One of the greatest benefits of full spectrum lighting is the natural synthesis of Vitamin D precursors allowing the animal to naturally regulate calcium uptake. Another important benefit of full spectrum lighting is the effect it has on the glandular system; the Thyroid Gland controls how and when the other glands function and for it to function properly, it needs to be stimulated by normal photoperiods of full spectrum light. There are many editorials talking about the benifits, but again, they stop short on advising on optimal distances.
  7. I do apologise - I was referring to FSL Fluorescent Lighting - as opposed to bulbslamps. My existing FSL (Fluorescents) are approximately 6" (half a foot) from the top of the cage. There doesn't seem to be guidelines or facts on the required distances. I guess more of a trial and error routine. Yes, it's the correct Full Spectrum
  8. Most definately healthier but somewhat more expensive to run!!
  9. Can anyone shed any light as to what distances FSL tubes are most benificial from tops of cages? I can't find any factual information on this subject. Even manufactures tend to skirt around this issue. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes. Many unfavourable PM's & comments regarding the said named character. Enough said !! Thanks.
  11. Im not sure if the adverts legit. "4 African Grey Proven Pairs for Sale" http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/4_african_grey_proven_pairs_for_sale/advert/229600 Apparently some of the pairs have Alan Geenwood rings. Anyone had dealing with them?? Thanks in advance.
  12. I agree David – there does seem to be much “rubbish” around. I guess time are hard . And yes, the idea of buying young birds for future breeding is by far the best bet; but being impetuous, I’m still hopeful of finding proven pairs. The orange wings are a posibility if they’re still around. Thanks for the reply and please keep your ears peeled . Thanks too, Hotfoot jackson, LaurulFeatherCat and Welsh comrad - Marion w  Im still *****-footing around this forum , so wasn’t aware of the breeders corner. Will Look Now.
  13. I'm new to this forum, but not so new to parrots. Some excellent posts here! Some impartial advice would be gratefully appreciated. About 12 years ago - due to work commitments - I sold my small collection of breeding Greys. When I first started, back then, I was fortunate enough to buy my first breeding pair from 'Pipers Peace'; they were a fearsome duo, but a true proven pair. Thereafter, my collection grew quietly with ladyluck favouring me - together with a whim and a prayer. And, all the pairs I bought produced chicks. I encountered some lovely people during those years; sadly I lost contact due to working abroad. Todays climate seems to be different - with unscrupulous people far outnumbering the good and honest. Now, Im back in the UK and looking to re-establish. So, can anyone advise on reputable places/people, or, a firm starting point. My aviaries are built and awaiting some feathers I'm not going to concentrate entirely on Greys this time round - thinking of Black Headed Caiques, Meyers and suchlike. Thanks in advance Ynys By the way. Great Site !!!
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