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  1. The hen died because she was egg bound
  2. So can anyone answer my question while i wait for a reply? please thank you again
  3. really? not having much luck finding one down here a part from expensive pet shops. I live in devon
  4. asking that now that should have been the first question i asked when i found out.
  5. I've been looking at getting another bird for a while now and couldn't decide on what to get. Well after doing lots of research I fell in love with the green cheek conure. The only thing is even know every care sheet/ info site i have looked on say that they are a quieter bird, it is a conure and I know they are known to be a noisy squarky bird. So is a green cheek really a quieter bird? Maybe in comparison with a budgie? Also i have finaly found one close enough to me. He is from a breeder and he used to live in an aviary with Hen. The breeder said that he is not overly tame though he likes to be out and will take treats from the hand but he is happier with a mate. So what i would like to know here is will he settle for lots of human attention do you think and will he still be tamable? He is supposed to be about 3/4 years old and I am home almost every day for most of it. Thanks for any help
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