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  1. Hi all, It has been some time since i posted on the forum. I made a HUGE HUGE mistake a couple of years back and sold my senegal parrot "Juno" My wife was 8 months pregnant and i told myself that the reason i was selling her was down to not having the time for her when my daughter was born. In some respects this was true but if i am honest to myself, her screaming was getting hard to live with and that played a large part in my decision. In the last year that decision has been eating me up inside and i hate myself for what i did. I recently tried to contact the guy i sold her to but all i have is his phone number. I tried calling and sent various messages all to no avail. He has not responded at all. I told him on the day that he took her that i was upset abut it and that if he ever decided to sell her he should contact me first and i would give him his money back and take her back. I assumed since that call never came, he had kept her which made me happy. So by chance i googled his phone number to see if i could find any more contact details for him......and i found an advert on birdtrader for my senegal posted less than a month after i sold her to him. I was gutted and quite upset that he didnt call me first as i had asked, He had also advertised her at least double the price i had sold her to him for. Clearly why he didnt call me first. Now i guess i cant judge the guy for what he has done since i sold her myself but for very different reasons. I was her first owner,she was only a year old when i sold her. I was attached to her and clearly he wasnt. I have just started thinking about getting another parrot and i swear to myself that i will NEVER EVER repeat that mistake. It is destroying me right now that i sold her and it keeps me awake at night. This post isnt going anywhere other than for me to get my story out there and maybe teach others to persevere with behavioral problems and do not make the mistake that i made. I promise you, one day you will hate yourself for it With that being said, i cannot bring myself to get another senegal as it would be a constant reminder of what i did. Can anyone else recommend a different species that may have similar traits to the senegal in terms of behaviour, husbanddry, diet and temperament etc? I promise that this time i am going in with my eyes wide open and this parrot will be forever Ben
  2. Ok, I took a load of the loose seed from the bottom of the bag and put it in a pot with a dribble of water for 8 hours.Then i soaked a filter from a coffee maker and laid all the seed out on it. After inspection,most of the seed has sprouted small shoots.I have turned over a patch of my garden and planted the seed.I'll let you know what happens. I have done a bit of research and i believe you actually get loads of millet spray from each plant but most of the info was from the states so whether or not we have a suitable climate to grow it,i dont know but we'll find out!!
  3. Hi all, I seem to be spending a fortune on millet spray so i wondered if it was possible to grow it in my garden in the uk?
  4. Hi all, I was looking for some advice with my senegal.She is now 8 months old and has a really bad habit.Everytime either myself or my wife leave the room (particularly to go upstairs) She screaches a really high pitched scream pretty much until you come back.It is getting very annoying and my wife is also pregnant and is worried about the parrot waking the baby if she leaves the room. Anything i can do?
  5. if i was to build one,does it have to made of a particular type of wood?
  6. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a parrot stand for when my senegal is out of the cage? I was thinking one that would get her sitting just below shoulder height (Just high enough that she isnt above me) We have realise that we have loads of toys and perches in the cage but nothing to play with or nowhere to perch when she is out of the cage. Thanks Ben
  7. Going to continue this story in the owners diary section https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=516236#516236
  8. Hi all, We finally bought our new Senegal baby home last night and decided to call her "JUNO" She is 11 weeks old and was born in june and we wanted a name that was not similar sounding to our dog. She is a beautiful orange bellied senegal and we spent about 3 hours at the breeders house going through everything.They had 3 senegal babies.1 of which was sold so we had a choice of 2.The breeder explained thet senegals can be sexed by the v in their chest and believed our chosen baby to be female.We spent time playing with her and naturally as we were new parrot owners we were more nervous of her than the breeders lol. At around 9pm she was put into the carrier and we drove home.Once we were home she "stepped up" straight onto my hand and we took her out of the carrier.We held her on our hands and fussed her head and talked to her for about 15 minutes.After this we put her into the cage and she "stepped down" onto the perch.We covered her over and went to bed after putting her food and water in etc. This morning at 5:30 i got up and left her covered and went to work.My wife uncovered her at 7:30 and said she was chirping away and shortly after this she started climbing around her cage biting the toys and having a good time.My wife left her at 9am and i got home at 2pm this afternoon. I came in and talked to her and she was chirping away and looked fairly happy so i put my hand in and said "step up" at which point she did and i bought her out.She didnt seem to want to play but stood happily on my hand while i fussed her head and fed her seed from her bowl which she shelled and ate.I put her on her cage while i cleaned out the newspaper (no poop?) and got rid of the apparently uneaten food from this morning as well as changing the water (bottled not tap) I put her back around 15 minutes ago and she seems to be asleep with her head on her shoulder....... Just going to spend a few days doing a similar routine and just get her used to us and hopefully create a bit of a bond.I am going to get her out again when my wife gets home at 5pm.Hopefully get some pics.How are they with camera flash? I put her back into the cage
  9. SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Leaving in an hour.By 9pm tonight i should have my new baby home!!!!!!!
  10. And i have done it. After getting all our equipment and reading till our eyes hurt,We have just got off the phone with a senegal breeder that has 2 11 week old babies left.All being well we will have a baby senegal by tomorrow night!!! We have seen the guys advert a few times in our research so i thought why not call him.He said they are very very tame and already doing "step up" and "step down" as well as flight recall (intermittant) He seems a great guy and says they will come with, Hatch certificate,paperwork,care sheet,diet sheet,1 mths supply of food and fruit and veg plus cooked pulses for the next days feed to get an idea of what we should be feeding and how much. He said they also parrot society rung so if we lose it and its found he will be contacted. We are both very excited and i guess all thats left is to chose a name.He has said that senegals can be sexed by there v shape chest and he is 90 percent certain he has one male and one female left.We are leaning towards female. Any last minute advice for us?
  11. i am not leaning towards any type of feed in particular because i just dont know,Thats why i appreciate all the advice.I guess just go for the parrot ideal mix plus fruit and veg.Then see what the bird likes. what about treats for clicker training? what do your birds prefer?
  12. Thanks a lot evryone.I really appreciate the advice. If i was to buy a complete parrot mix then is there no need for seed and fruit and veg etc? Not sure i like the idea of that.Can anyone reccommend a good make of seed mix and/or parrot mix?
  13. Hi all We are in the process of getting our equipment together and trying to find a good breeder of senegals.I have found a lot of info on the internet about keeping parrots but very little on basic day to day husbandry. We have bought a montana san remo cage which came with toys and perches etc. However i have a few questions on basic parrot keeping. 1)What do i put at the bottom of the cage in the removable trays? Would just newspaper suffice or is there a certain type of substrate needed? 2)How often do i need to clean and replace this and spray/clean with disinfectant? 3)How often do i feed and what types of food? I have read up that i should be filling the bowls with a parrot complete food and also adding fruit and veg etc but how often should i be feeding? I have also ben in pet shops and they sell parrot grit and parrot pellets as well as complete parrot feed mix. What should i be buying as i am not sure.Its amazing how much advanced information on parrot kepping is available yet very little on day to day keeping. 4)How should i set the cage up in terms of perch,toy placement high/low etc and what types of toy or perches can i not do without? Sorry for all the questions but i really want to be on top of my game when we collect our parrot. Thanks in advance Ben
  14. Can anyone recomend a good senegal breeder in the uk?
  15. sorry beginner bird is maybe the wrong term.I mean a a good first parrot.I am entirely committed to providing for the bird for life
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