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  1. not as bad as i thought tbh. is there an estimate on how many breeders of them are in and around europe? i knew they were rare, but info is even scarcer than i though.
  2. what were the pair up at? i think they are amazing birds, but id more likely be an investor in somebody else breeding them, than breeding them myself at the moment.
  3. Appreciate the reply David, I've git heating in the shelter and I'm hoping with 2/3 of the aviary covered they will be okay, I've been told to give them a z shaped box, told to way h for aggression from the female during mating?? They are really attractive birds so I'm looking forward to keeping and breeding them
  4. Hi all Ive put a deposit on a pair of plumheads today, i dont normally get too excited about getting new birds but i am really excited about these. the pair are just over a year old, they have come from holland, i will be bringing them back to mine in the next few weeks. they will be going into a 6' x 6' x 3' aviary, with indoor feeding and sleeping cage. im planning to use a "Z" shaped nest box for them. i have been told alot about them being fairly easy to breed when they are given the correct conditions, but fertility levels and a higher percentage of males in the offspring. does anybody here breed them? if so what are your experiences with them? could you tell me a bit more about their setup?
  5. welcome the best thing to do is ask questions about everything, a good breeder wont be afraid to answer any and all questions. seems like you are doing a great job so far.
  6. I'd be interested in finding out what these are like to get breeding, them being rare etc. with all parrots I guess a compatible pair to start with is main priority.
  7. congrats, what an awesome acheivement!
  8. congrats! cant wait to see more pics!
  9. wow, that is pretty awesome, congratulations!
  10. after going through everything on that site, ive decided i will buy from british breeders, so if anybody has any, or knows of any grown on 2-3 year old pairs, let me know. thanks.
  11. i think they are 09 birds i will hav a good look through that page tomorrow. seems to be some good stuff at a quick glance.
  12. Hyacinths will breed a year round if given a box though, so they could range in age I guess, but I imagine most would give them the winter off. I will look on that site and give the breeder a call, hyacinths are not something im taking lightly, I have a flight made in the new aviary block for a pair, massive dream for me to own. Appreciate the advice and information. Neil
  13. Do you have a contact number for the pair in France? I'm driving over to germany On thursday, could go take a look at them. I contacted Barrett Watson a while back, he wasn't sure wether he would hatch more than he had deposits down for. He's got my details to let me know otherwise, I'd prefer a bonded pair over a year old tbh though.
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