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  1. DD has been seen in Linlithgow again. The man who phoned was positive it was him but said it was over a week ago he saw him I can't get out just now because of the puppies but as soon as I can I will go and look again. He said DD looked very happy and healthy.... It is very exciting news.... Fran
  2. Not so small....it is nice to know there are people in this world who still care....There will be a big huge party at my house when DD comes home...and you are all invited. Fran xx
  3. Thanks that's one of the nicest hugs I have ever had
  4. Thanks Clare...if ever I can help you in any way... Well you know the old saying it can't get any worse...It just did my Mum was rushed to hospital over in Fife today she had a stroke.... fortunately she is fine....but if one more thing goes wrong and you hear loud screaming ( not unlike a Macaw but louder) you will know it is only me!!
  5. Yes they did, but we have spent days in Linlithgow and nobody else has seen him...Now Meesha is shouting 'DD', everyday...she never did that before. :?
  6. Well I won't be in their shop again...ever. Don't like their food anyway. Fran
  7. Thanks Clare....thank you so much for the offer of help I could do with it. will let you know if we get anywhere tonight...
  8. Yes it is hard. I am trying hard to stay positive, but nobody has really seen or heard anything off him....how can a macaw just disappear? I could scream sometimes....I miss him so much.
  9. No real sightings of him and any calls we had were not really sure if it was a macaw. Where is he?
  10. We had another good search around yesterday, there were two phone calls on DD sightings from last week. ( Neither thought to report him) I think we saw him ourselves ( it was a crow sized bird with a long tail) so we are pretty sure it was him though he was to far away to identify properly, but he was a bird on a mission and although we shouted he flew from the loch direction towards Caldercruix. I walked all around the area calling him but there was nothing. :cry:
  11. Thanks Pamela...just organising a search party again. We will have another look around this area. Fran
  12. I got a call at 7 am this morning. (DD is in the local paper). This couple saw him about half a mile away...last Friday( while I was following up the false lead) and although they own a parrot didn't bother to contact anyone. I took a walk around here again shouting but nothing....hopefully the calls will come in today...wish us luck. Fran
  13. No I haven't...how do I get in touch with them? Fran
  14. Here are some better pictures of DD...Fran
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