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  1. Hi all, I've been meaning to buy a seed sprouter to try my birds with pulses again and wanted to share an offer that I've found. Homebase have a Jamie Oliver seed sprouter on offer for £7.49 which is the cheapest I've found one. I've not tried it yet, but it looks good quality and perfect for what I needed. Here's the link to the item: http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?storeId=10151&catalogId=1500001201&langId=110&searchTerms=sprouter&authToken= You can pick them up instore too, it's not just online. Let me know what you think. Liam
  2. Thanks hotfoot Just thought I'd post back to let you know how it went. He's healthy, good muscle development and nothing to worry about, which is good. The vet wasn't keen on his diet, which is strange if he's healthy? I use a low sunflower seed mix with fruit in a side pot and have been using this since we've had him. He told me to remove the seed from his diet and introduce Harrison's Bird Food and pulses (which I've tried before, but I need to retry) and fruit. Has any one ever used this food or know anything about it? I'm going to research before just swapping his diet. Just an fyi about Southcrest too, the vet was very informative and took his time to answer all the questions I had to ask - afterwards he mentioned that they often take over at Manor vets in Halesowen, which is very useful to know, because Redditch is a bit of a trek for me. Regards.
  3. Hi ria, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Scofe is 1 year old today, so he's very much still a baby. From what you're saying it sounds like it's worth it, even if it's just to make me feel better and to know that he's doing okay. He's my first bird, so I definitely don't know enough to know that everything is okay. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, It's Scofe's hatchday today (happy hatchday to him) and I've thought for a while about taking him for a yearly checkup to make sure that everything is ticking over as it should do and that he's healthy. After speaking to some people I'm having second thoughts - is this a waste of money? Am I worrying too much? I was planning on taking him to Southcrest vets tomorrow in Redditch, does any one know how much a check up is for an African Grey here? Would I know if something was wrong with him? He's eating, drinking and pooing fine, his behavior hasn't changed and now I've thought about it, is there any reason to take him there and waste the money? Any help/advice is appreciated. Regards.
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