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  1. Don't worry rubytoo - I take the bog roll tubes out before they get to the bathroom, much to everyones annoyance!!! Thanks for the pine cone idea - will have to go and look for some scotspine - there are very few trees where I live so will have to go explore - I never thought of using them so thank you!! Thanks ria for the suggestions of the space circles thing, mine arrived yesterday, Peachy poked it, rattled the monkies out of it, admired her reflection in it, tried to undo the chain, then ignored the treats inside it and went back to her cardboard box to chew on that!!!! Oh well am sure she'll take up intrest in it when she wants her sweetcorn and it's not in her dish but in the toy!!!
  2. My goffins LOVES the see through plastic ball that comes in 2 bits, once they've got the idea of getting things out through the slits you can wrap the treats in paper and stuff it with allsorts to make it harder to get things out, it can also be hung up or put on a kabob - keeps my goffins amused for ages!!! I also get those logs with holes drilled in them, i think they are for hamsters/gerbils or something, they are also great stuffed with things and treats hidden in them again can be hung up or placed on the floor, my local pet shop had a few odds and ends reduced to clear and I got some wicker balls from a interior design shop! The bamboo chunks are great too for hiding nuts in and are pretty soft so even those that are not great chewers can have a go - although mine last all of 5mins if I'm lucky!! Even the bird kabobs can be hung in hard to reach places that require dangling etc to reach them or inside those large chewbes - again a large chewable thing for bunnies originally, but mine loves them now - although took her ages to get over her fear of large tubes!! But any cardboard/loo role/grass/wicker tube with holes in them and things hidden are also fun and cheap, and little cardboard jewlery boxes off ebay can have things hidden in them and can be hung up all over the spot as well as baby rattles stuffed with shredded paper, I got some from tesco reduced! - can you tell I have a little cockatoo which needs new things all the time to keep busy!!!
  3. Awww! My 2 watch other birds on youtube, Peachy in particular gets angry at them sometimes and spreads her wings at them, other times she just chatters at the screen with her little crest fluffed up!!
  4. Looks more like Alder to me, as most willow species tend to have long narrow leaves - are the katkins long dangly ones or white round fluffy ones? And does it have little green almost look like baby pine cones on it which turn brown in winter? Alder is safe for parrots too.
  5. Am sorry you lost George Hotfoot!
  6. Happy making a mess!! The branches are ash and sycamore so have lots of peelable bark, they only last Peachy a week at most before they are bare stalks with only the thickest branches left!!
  7. Well done for trying! It would have stood almost zero chance even with just a tiny hairline crack as others have said the bacteria can get in. It was probably chucked out by the parents for a reason only they will know and it is usually because something is wrong. The impact with the ground will have ruptured the tiny blood vessels too and it will have only been a matter of time before it's little heart stopped beating - so don't beat yourself up on it - you did more than most would have done!!
  8. Well we've had Kiwi for 7 or 8 months and she's settled in well - you may remember we bought her off some bloke who had kept her in a budgie cage, and by the looks of it has had very little handling, she's supposed to be about a year or so old - but who knows! She was very nervous and would bite at the drop of a hat and wouldn't interact at all with anything, it took her a while to get the hang of flying too! Anyway she has settled in well, has stopped biting, or if she does it is not hard - thank goodness!! She is out of her cage all the time now and only goes in while Peachy is out, she has started to play with toys a bit, especially if food is envolved! We realise she is not actually a parrot at all but a small green feathered pig, she sits with us in the evenings and shares supper with us - she as to be fended off or she lands in your food, she will do anything for a nut and the word only has to be mentioned and she starts looking for one, that and the word cake!!! She will fly to our hands now as she has learnt that people make great transport from A to B, we're working on stepping up as she'd rather fly onto us, she even fluffs up her feathers now for a scratch when we say hello which is a huge change and she lets us stroke her back and under her chin now too!! She's in my studio now with Peachy - they hate each other and Peachy seems to take great delight in teasing Kiwi which is a bummer but never mind!! Here are some pics of the feathered piggy munching on some mango and a treat of sweet corn, she also has her mad 5mins where she gets all excited and starts doing her little dance with her tail fanned out! - I've had Peachy now well over a year and she's her usual toddler with feathers! I've just got her a new 6x6x3 ft cage which she seems to be much happier with as she can fly about in it when not out, and I can attach really big branches to it to keep her busy for 5mins, the floor looks like a forest with leaves everywhere! http://www.mealrigg-stud.co.uk/www.mealrigg-stud.co.uk/GALLERY_2_files/DSC_6951.jpg[/img] Hope everyone elses birds are doing well?
  9. Aww! She sounds like she has definitely landed on her feet with you!! Have fun, and do put some pics up!!
  10. I use jungle gold for food, northern parrots for toys, perches etc, ebay for sisal rope and the occasional specific toy if they're cheaper than northern parrots, and the natural bird product company for toy making parts which I'm finding better now, and cheaper, than buying toys as my 2 are pretty specific in what they like and often I buy toys and they ignore them or destroy them in 5 secs - bird bagels are a definite hit with my goffins at the mo!!
  11. Sickening isn't it!!! - often top dressage riders do it to get results quickly - if you think this is bad look at the arab show horses who have ginger stuck up their bums to make them stick their tails up, or inject water into their eyes to make their eyes look bigger, or top stallions addicted to cocaine to get them to pose well, the Tennessee walking horses and the chemicals they use to burn the horses to make their trot snappy for shows along with the 6 inch high shoes with nails sticking into the sensitive part of their feet to again make them snap their feet up!!! And the top show/race/dressgae/stallions etc that never see a blade of grass or another horse as they are deemed too valuable to let outside!! There is no end of abuse where money and results are everything - there's a guy in our valley who breaks in his yearlings before they get 'too strong' - he's 16 stone at least and he rides his little gypsy cob yearlings, I've also seen him out on a hot summers day with a yearling in harness with 6 people in the cart and out at a trot for 4 or 5 hrs - the poor baby was knackered and sadly will be dog food before it's 10 - probably the best thing for it in it's short miserable life!!!!! - makes me sick!!!!
  12. My goffins likes the cape gooseberries too - fresh ones though! , must admit I'm rather partial to a bag of them as well!!! Lychees are also a favourite - she's sitting sucking on one as I type! Papaya is her fav at the moment though - the seeds she goes nuts for, and of course broccoli - but only after it has been thrown out of her dish and then gets inspected and eaten on the floor - sigh!!!
  13. I don't have YF or Crowned but my sister has a rescued OR wing who was kept in a budgie cage I suspect until we got her at around a year old from a bird sale, we've had her now 6 months and she is just starting to interact with things and us - without biting that often!!! She doesn't talk, and I don't think ever will, which is fine by us as I'm sure she would swear for britain if she did!! From what I've read she is a typical amazon - very loud when she wants to be - every morning and evening she launches into a very noisy squaking mode - this is her in happy mode!! - I think if we had neighbors I'm sure they would complain as I can hear her very well from downstairs and we have a pretty big old farm house, I can even hear her from out in the felds - it is earsplitting and very hard to be in the same room when she does start to 'sing'!!! I don't have any experience with a well brought up bird, but I wouldn't swap her for anything, neither would my sister who's bird she is, my sister loves every little triumph - she sat on her arm for the first time a few days ago and will come down onto her bed and sit next to her while she reads - so a great achievement and well worth all the chunks out of fingers!!!
  14. My goffin is called Peachy because of her pale peach coloured under feathers - although now with a good diet they have molted out really bright pink, she was called Candy before I got her - there was no way I was going to keep that as images of gaudy luminous barbie dolls just kept popping into my head!!!!!! My sisters OW amazon is called Kiwi because she's green and we thought we'd keep on the fruity theme!
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