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  1. Hey! Sorry for the slow update I've been making some fun toys for buzz so have been out pinching some willow branches. The bloods and other testa came back pretty clear but showed there was an infection at some point but they're not sure what. The antibiotics seem to have done the trick and although he is a bit plucked it feels like i have my best friend back he is doing alot better at night with his night light on so im really chuffed. Thank you guys for all the information and advice it has really helped and i appreciate it no end.
  2. Yeah got plenty of spare syringes haha he does give them a good bite bless him x
  3. Just had a call from craig at chine house. The blood tests came back pretty clear but showed that there has been some inflamation but he doesn't seem to think it is psciticosis but will deff know for sure on friday when the other tests come back. My biggest trouble now is settling him at night. I have a strong feeling he is afraid of the dark as when the lights go out he makes a weird hissing noise and is restless. I put a night light in last night and he seemed to settle a little bit but will try again tonight and see how he goes
  4. He certainly does keep me busy but wouldn't have it any other wa
  5. Thank you very much for the reply. I have already told anyone that has been in contact with buzz just to play on the side of caution So they can get their birds checked if they wish but also to hold fire until the results come back. He seems alot better in himself today and his eyes have brightened up a treat although giving him the antibiotics is a challenge as he thinks the syringe is a toy and wants to fight with it haha. Now it's just the waiting game
  6. Hey guys! Just an update. Buzz made it through the anesthetic and just waiting on blood results. They said they had seen his spleen is inflamed and there is a chance it could be psciticosis but wont know for sure until mon/tues but has given me some wide spectrum antibiotics to give him till then. Im absolutely gutted as i am so so careful with him. F10 is used throughout the house and i wash my hands and use f10 hand gel afterwards. The papers in his cage are changed twice daily and his cage is jetwashed once a week along with his java tree. Im hoping it's not psciticosis and just some sort of infection that the antibiotics will clear up. Will update again when i get the results back.
  7. Just a quick updated. I took buzz to chine house this morning and the vet recommended having a load of tests done i.e bloods, x-ray, liver, kidneys etc. He is in there now so hopefully they will call and let me know how it all went. For all the tests it was £400 but i would pay it a million times over just to make sure he is ok.
  8. I asked when i made the appointment but they couldn't tell me until they know what tests to do. To be honest I really wouldn't care what its costs, i just want him to get better. Thankyou for the reply's tomorrow is the day so hopefully i will know more tomorrow.
  9. Sorry to be a pain but does anyone know of the procedure if they do bloodwork? And roughly how much it will be? Many thanks, Ferg.
  10. Its a real tricky one. I have litterally tried near enough anything i can to see if it makes a difference for him but nothing so far has appeared to work. The only thing i could think of was around 14 months ago he got out and was playing on the neighbors roof tops so was wondering has he eaten something he shouldn't of? He gets lots of time outside of his cage and plenty of interaction and training. I seen a post about a bird called skinny who was displaying the same sort of activity and it turned out to be a infection. Im hoping the trip to chine house will reveal some more info, if not then i guess its back to the drawing board. It's just so hard because i cant for the life of me fathom whats wrong. Even when i bring him downstairs to calm him it just doesn't work. He goes mad for 1 night and rips out most of them and then during the day he will take out the rest even though he doesn't go crazy. Will keep you guys posted and thank you very much for the kind words and reply's. Ferg.
  11. Buzz is booked in to see craig hunt on Thursday @ 9:30. Will keep you all posted on the outcome.
  12. Hey guys! Around 6 months ago now my macaw starting pulling feathers. He is 4 years old and absolutely lovely. I feed him harrisons high potency course, power treets (3 a day) dark coloured veg (sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn etc.) fruit (apple, blueberry, pomegranate, bananas, oranges) a walnut a day and a couple of seeds. He seems to go absolutely crazy about once a month when his new pin feathers get to around 4cm long and pulls them All out. I took him to the vet as soon as it started and was given some avian palm oil to put in his food which i done to no effect. It was suspected to be a bad moult but evidently not. Im phoning the vets tomorrow to get some blood work done. I am really worried about him. He just seems really irritated by something and bites himself and wont rest. Im actually gutted because he is my best friend and means the world to me. I was just wondering if you guys have ever heard of anything similar or dealt with in the past? Many thanks. Ferg.
  13. Thanks very much for the advice guys. My b+g has been with another b+g whilst I was away on holiday for a few days and the person looking after him said he got on really good when they met. Only thing he said was a bit of a downfall was the noise but I completely expect it and to be honest it really won't bother me. I was looking at rescue birds but I had allready picked a baby before my original post from Richard at parrots a plenty. I know it's 50/50 and there is that risk that they won't get on but I am well prepared for that and I would still have 2 amazing birds to admire. Once the greenwing gets here I will keep you guys updated Thanks again for the advice I really appreciate it. Cheers Ferg
  14. Hey anz! Thankyou very much for you're reply. That's great that you have done that with your macaws. My blue and gold has just turned 2 so he is still a baby himself and the greenwing will be around 20 weeks so hopefully it shoul all work out ok. I'm not sure if I would let them live as one in the nova as I would like them to have their personal space and the thought of one killing the other is alot to bare. My b+g dosent spend much time in the cage as he is allways out when I'm home and the same will apply to my gw. Really I just want to use the cage to introduce one and other and so they can bond so I can have them out at the same time. I was going to go for a jubilee macaw but once I seen the greenwing my mind was set haha! Cheers Ferg
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