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  1. If its just recently you have had the problem, are you sure you havent just developed hay fever. Pollen counts have been quite high, and you can start with it at any age. Try an antihistimine coupled with itchy eye drops, and see if it stops after September. If I dont take my hay fever stuff I could tear my eyes out some days! Dont make any decisions regarding re homing till you see if it settles.
  2. Really! Thank you so much, that would be wonderful. When would be good for you?
  3. Becks closed to the public a couple of years ago. You can now only visit by appointment, if they are rearing a bird for you. We went there several times, but there were staff around who would let you talk to the birds, but not touch them. Maybe they had had some kind of incident. However, we have just returned from a day out at Birdland. My daughter fell in love with a harlequinn Mackaw!(beautiful birds, but definitely no room for one of those). As well as the Macaw we were able to handle Caiques, male Eclectus, CAGs, ringnecks, a little senegal and some other kind of small parrot I didnt recognise. Some of them were actually asking to step up by putting their foot out. We wernt taken in, we knew it was the bags of food, and not our magnetic personalities! My daughter and I really enjoyed it - not sure hubby was so thrilled though. Its certainly given me a much better idea of sizes and characters of species, although obviously in a very limited way. Thanks for the idea.
  4. Brilliant thank you, Definitely will plan a day out there before too long, and will let you know how it goes. Didnt even know that place existed!
  5. Hi. Some of you may have seen my earlier thread about fitting a parrot into our lives. We have canaries, finches and cockatiels out in the aviary, but the nearest we have been to actually handling/experiencing other birds is a quick head scratch through the bars of a pet shop cage. I am now considering either a Caique or an Eclectus at some point in the future. I know its a lot to ask, but is there anyone in Shropshire (I'm in Telford) who would consider allowing us to experience some hands on with parrots of similar sizes to these? Thanks for reading. Marie
  6. Thank you, thats very kind. I may well do that:)
  7. Lol:) I'm actually quite glad there are non in your rescue at the moment, as in the space of about 24 hours I have gone from 'I cant have a parrot, I'll just make sure everyone agrees' to ' Oh actually I probably can'. In the first instance there were no decisions to be made, whereas now there are lots. I dont want to jump in without doing a lot more thinking and research. It may be that I will decide we are still not suitable, in which case I will be again very disappointed, but thats better than making the wrong decision and having yet another bird in rescue.
  8. And I still have lots of questions, Marion, which I do intend to keep asking as they come to my mind
  9. You're obviously predjudiced . Although I have just been sat for the last half hour watching some funny caique videos on utube.I thought most of the hormonal problems with ekkies were with the females?
  10. Not too sure. There are so many needing homes, I would probably be more inclined to get a re home,but I guess there are not many ekkies around. Still trying to decide between Ekkie or Caique. Ekkie is winning at the moment. Not keen on the idea of a rescue being able to take the bird back though.
  11. I suppose those threads show that if you really want to do something, you will find a way! Going to have to look at different species again. I do like Amazons, and there are so many different ones to choose from, and male Ekkies have long been a favourite. Groan, I almost wish I hadnt posted now, as I'm just getting more and more broody for a parrot of my own.
  12. Thats absolutely brilliant - thanks for posting the link:). Those backpacks look really good. And what an impressive 'parrot tent'.
  13. Lol, wish I could, but another few years to go yet! We would rather have a single bird, to be honest, seeing as how the time spent alone isnt as bad as I first thought. Writing the time down was a very good idea. Another couple of newbie questions now - sorry about the questions, but I want all the info possible before deciding if we are suitable to have a parrot. Which of the medium sized parrots are less likely to stress out and pluck? Also when we go on holiday, we usually go in our touring caravan, or sometimes on a narrowboat. When my daughter hand reared the 'tiel, we took her with us and managed to use a very small harness when we went out (she wasnt fledged, it was just a precaution). Does anyone know if any caravan sites accept parrots, as I feel it would be better for the bird to come with us rather than be boarded out. And I was reading on a different thread about a backpac? Are they available, and would they be used with a harness. I am aware that not all birds will accept harnesses, but any information would be appreciated.
  14. I understand the wariness, Net, its a bit like the co habiting of snakes question. Some do and some think you should go to hell for doing! Did you have to move them in together gradually? Can birds the size of caiques be trained to wear a harness?
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