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  1. sorry, as a complete http://www.wimdu.co.uk/blog/wimdoo-wimdou-wimdo/ novice, what is the problem with cages like this? is there a risk to all birds or specific types?
  2. Whatever floats her boat!!
  3. I think this is such a sad story, I can completely understand where she was coming from, but in the end I think its a shame for those birds who could have went on to another happy home. (although it does sound as if they were magificently looked after by her) I will have to think about this seriously.
  4. Hagley looks amazing! I have always had a weakness for Barn Owls in particular, I just think they are so pretty. I will have to organise a trip thttp://www.facebook.com/WimduUK/ someday, would be lovely to see all the beautiful birds.
  5. Wow i was going to say Elizabeth Taylor rather than Jackie O, reminds me of her In Cleopatra!!
  6. I expect to see Lady Gaga wearing something similar any day now! In fact it almost is not as outrageous. http://www.twitter.com/wimdu http://pinoytutorial.com/lifebytes/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/lady-gaga-meat-dress-VMA-2010.jpg
  7. Aw what a rather fitting romantic sentiment! I'm with you Mcatee! all you need is love etc etc..
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