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  1. Thanks everyone... Yea i was worried bout him plucking but it was more because hes lost a lot of tail n wing feathers...His neck has been like that since I got him but the feathers just dnt seem to wanna grow back... He does pick at it a bit I will have a look n see if there's anything in there just to b safe. Thanks again!!! Xx
  2. Here's some pics of my Percy and my new little boy Charlie! Hope u like them! Hope u like them all!!! Xx
  3. O ok cool thanks!! That's put my mind at ease I'll still keep an eye on him just to b safe tho! Thanks again!!
  4. Hey hey just a quick question... There have been alot of percys feathers in the bottom of his cage in the last couple of days even big ones from his wings n tail is this just normal moulting or plucking because I haven't actually seen him pull them out? Could it b stress from getting Charlie my African grey? Thanks.
  5. Ok cool thanks I really appreciate all the help!! I'll star tomorrow I think!!
  6. Ok thanks for that advice Greg he's not really aggressive to others just unsure of men he's fine with my mum n younger sister.... Ok how do u stop him climbing up on to ur shoulder cos as soon as he's out that's where he will go? Thanks.
  7. Yay!!!! He's the sweetest little thing, but he doesnt seem to like men too much!...I have an ow amazon n he's not so friendly atm!
  8. O ok thanks....he's about 4 years old n we've only had him for 5 days but he's so lovely! Xx
  9. Hello.... My African grey Charlie keeps trying to regurgitate food every time I stroke him or if he's out on my shoulder is this normal or should I be worried? Also he makes these really odd baby noises wen he's out with me too is this normal aswell? Thanks. Xx
  10. Omg patchouli I want an alpaca I'm soo jealous lol!!! I need to add to my very long list I've just become owned by a 4 year old African grey called Charlie! Xx
  11. I had them both out today n they dnt seem to mind each other at all they where flying back and forth from each other cages lol!!
  12. Thanks it's nice to hear that and I will defiantly ask If i have any problems... I was only worried cos alot of ppl have been saying I'm stupid for getting to parrots so close to each other... I love my animals n would Neva treat them badly! They r both very spoilt little boys!!!!
  13. Ok so before I get shot down for owner 2 new parrots at the same time, let me tell u the reason lol Charlie the African grey is about 4 years old and was living with the most wonderful ppl but things changed for them n they had to move all the way to Canada I won't go into details lol!! N now I have Charlie he is a lovely bird n won't need much if ne training n he talks all the time lol... N is great out of his cage... Now on the other hand Percy the amazon is the complete opposite he hasn't said a word since we got him lol n he is so scared wen out of his cage.... I know it's alot to take on 2 parrots but I couldn't let Charlie go to someone that wouldn't love him lol!!! Essay ova lol!!! Xx
  14. My house is like a small zoo I may start charging ppl wen they visit lol!! Xxx
  15. Here comes the long list lol.... I have 3 large dogs, 4 chickens, a bunny, 2 guinea pigs, 5 tree frogs, a veiled chameleon, leopard gecko, 2 corn snakes, bearded dragon, 4 millipedes, 10 gold fish and last but certainly not least my Percy the amazon parrot!!!! Xxx
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