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  1. Forgot to say i could also board your bird in return!
  2. Im not certain when im next going on holiday, but i'd like to find someone in advance that would board my Eclectus male. He's very quiet and friendly. Thanks
  3. Mine is a male red sided, hes 7 months old, ive only had him about 3 weeks. Dont think hed been that well treated by previous owners. He is eating the seeds now he loves them! How does your amazon take to mr eclectus!? I cant believe how quiet he is, except when he screeches only a couple times a day then I have a heart attack!!
  4. Are watermelon seeds safe to let Eclectus parrots eat? Im trying him out gradually on all the safe fruits and veg (in addition to his normal daily helping of what i know he eats so far) and today its watermelon just wondering if i can leave the seeds in? Im going through it all and writing a list of favourites/quite like/no go! He LOVES Figs, blueberries, grapes and corn! Apricots not so much... Thanks
  5. Ok all thanks, i didnt want to breed them, but i got them a nestbox as when i got them they had been laying on the floor, i thought they'd lay anyway so got them a nestbox because i thought they were stressed and needed somewhere to go, like i said ive not had lovebirds before so im not certain what im doing yet. So of i take the nest box away will she not lay?
  6. Hi guys, my other post in this section explains my situation, i have a luntino peach face and a fischers lovebird that i rescued. I planned to re-pair them to their own kind but have not managed to find new mates yet. So i have checked their nest this morning and i have 3 eggs laid. Im wondering what to do from here.... The previous owner said they had laid before but 'she had never gone full term on the eggs' whatever that means...So maybe they will not hatch anyway...but should i let them go on or remove the eggs?? i know a fischers shouldnt be breeding with a peachface but im in a bit of a predicament now! I need to find new mates asap. Does anyone know if they will take to new mates easily if i get them out of ear shot of eachother? Or could there be fights? Any help welcome as not sure what to do for the best. Either way i will be re-pairing them as soon as i can find suitable new mates.
  7. No, I have kept pet birds before but never bred or anything.
  8. Thanks everyone for being so helpful by the way
  9. Well im looking for a Fischers female and a peachface male, new mates for both birds, so if anyone knows where i can get them i'd be very grateful, even if i do rehome eventually i'd like to get them paired up as they should be i am responsible for them now. having great trouble finding a fischers female at the moment looking everywhere!! i know i can go get a peachface from my local aviary anytime, but i need to get them at the same time so ones not alone
  10. I wasnt even meant to be keeping them lol! i just wanted to get them housed properly and get them back to best and rehome them to a good home. Kind of fell in love with the little guys though!
  11. I believe shes a peachfaced lutino, i have a pic of them as my avatar now, as i thought then i need to seperate them really then, Im looking currently for a fischers female to go with him and a peachfaced male for her...i heard you could no longer import fischers so we need to keep them pure. Bearing in mind ive never owned lovebirds before so i may have any or all of this wrong! im trying to do my research, but they did come to me in a hurry from a horrible home so im learning as quick as i can! So i guess i'll go buy another cage, and keep looking for new suitable mates for them both.
  12. OK thankyou for the help, what is PSUK? The parrot society? how would i contact them?
  13. Ok thanks very much, i think it has BRB and 04 on it. I need to catch him to look properly!. Does anyone know BRB stands for? i was told he was 2 years but 04 looks like he may me much older then. Should a fischers and lutino be breeding though? they were living in squalor when i got them and im getting them back to best. They had eggs in the cage but no proper breeding box etc, i have bought them a nest.
  14. Hi I am new here, i recently obtained 2 lovebirds, a lutino and a fischers, the Fischers has a silver ring on his foot and was wondering how i would find out what the numbers and letters mean? I plan to re-pair the birds shortly and will be looking for a female fischers to go with the male as i understand they are now endangered? any info welcome thanks!
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