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  1. One simple word for June and Ian! NEVER! Jealous This gets more entertaining by the minute! Sweet dreams!
  2. Evil people! Hilarious I wouldn't call someone who spent £1500 on a street cat whom i found dying on the streets in Cyprus 4 hours before i was due to fly home, EVIL! You don't know any of us so keep your disgusting personal insults to yourself. My god you remind me of someone else we DO all know!
  3. Well someone has shown their true colours and he came across as so genuine! When people are losing an argument they always react this way hardly surprising You carry on supporting and defending June's policy of denying veterinary care we all know the truth!
  4. Message for Quack regarding the little blind Senegal Damien! I last saw Damien 4 weeks ago and he is doing marvellous you will be pleased to know. Damien is no longer forgotten in a noisy upstairs room with macaws! He approaches the bars and door to be stroked and is building confidence every single day i understand. I see him every 6 weeks approximately and it is an absolute joy to see him so happy in his forever home where he is loved dearly. Thankyou for enquiring and caring xxx
  5. We all had such high hopes in Ian and all he has done is insulted the real people who care. The only losers in all this are the birds!! As Caron rightly said only a person who has something to hide would deny paid veterinary treatment for birds in their supposed care. What an absolute joke!!
  6. Sonic i have no idea who you are but what you have wrote is soo accurate and true! Your words have reduced me to tears as Marion was my Mum Thankyou soo much i could not have worded that any better myself xxx
  7. Alison you are one of the most compassionate, caring and kind people i have ever met. For anyone to bad mouth you on here or criticize your actions is truly appalling! For every single person on here trying to justify June's actions there are 15 who will stand up to justify your actions! Your intentions were purely to get the birds the help they so desperately need. I have seen the way Fred and Blue interact with you after such a short space of time. Remind me again how many years did June have those two birds! I would like to think that June would do the decent thing and reveal where the missing birds are as it is the one thing every person on this forum unanimously would like to see happen. Unfortunately it is the only control June has left and sadly i doubt even with Ian's offer she will reveal the location of those birds!
  8. You are absolutely right Animalia! On meeting June and the birds for the first time i offered to pay for Fred to be seen by a vet to see if any treatment would help, my offer was declined! Directors ACO'S AND members took on birds not because they wanted more parrots but because they wanted to get the birds out of the neglectful situation they were in!
  9. I also know that many people involved in Parrotcare did question June's care and policies at times but got nowhere. Even offers of money for veterinary visits for specific birds were turned down!
  10. I have remained quiet until now but will remain quiet no more! After the RSPCA visit to June's address at Carway in Wales many of the special needs birds were moved to various other addresses. I now believe the reason for this was to prevent these birds from being seen by the 2 vets and their impending visit!
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