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  1. Thinking about it makes me a little sad for the bird in a way, it must be very confusing at times!
  2. Do you guys agree then that if you do arouse them that is what encourages aggression towards others in the family?
  3. I had a quick look through the old topics and didn't see one on this so sorry if I'm only duplicating! Basically, I got a really helpful book a while ago in preparation for my new Timneh. It suggested that you should never touch your bird unnecessarily or stroke it anywhere other than its head because they can become sexually aroused which leads to aggression towards other people. I just wanted to know how many people agreed with this idea and whether it was true! I've heard about people touching under feathers and on tummies and pretty much everywhere and just wondered how much truth there is in the idea that you need to ensure you only touch the head of your bird!
  4. Possibly, it wasn't the demanding part that worried me, it was how I was going to fit a macaw into my lifestyle. Something just made me think it wasn't the right decision either way
  5. Hey guys! Sorry for the late update! I thought really long and hard about the macaw and decided that I wasn't completely 100% sure that I could provide the level of maintenance that a macaw needs and desrves. I knew I had the time and I already had a huge cage etc but I couldn't be sure that when I went to visit my boyfriend and wanted to stay over, that I would be able to get a cage in his house (he shares with 3 others) which would be acceptable for the Greenwing. I still really want to get an older greenwing later in life, but there were a few things I wasn't totally certain about. I just didn't feel it was fair to take on a macaw without being completely sure that I could offer everything he deserves! Instead I have decided to go for one of Lesley (threeladies) baby Timneh Greys which I'm going to see on Saturday. I know that as I got a cage which was big for a macaw, the Grey will be able to fly around in it a bit and I know that the physical size and noise levels are more than within my ability to deal with. I'm really excited to get him! Check me out on facebook if you like! I'm happy to befriend you! Also, Calley I don't think that 10yr old has been sold but I have the guy's number if you wanted it? Sounded a lovely bird and I know you're looking atm! :-)
  6. Yeah, it definitely helped Marion! I'm going to visit Lesley's baby Timneh's on the weekend and I'll be bringing on of them home in August! Cannot wait!
  7. Hi Marion, you're right in what you're saying. I made the decision to leave the Galah because I don't know anything about them and wasn't planning to keep one. I will however be reporting the pet shop and hopefully something will be done for the birds. Thanks for all of the support and suggestions.
  8. I'll report them don't worry. I've got some thinking to do I think.
  9. Urgh, I hadn't thought of that. What would you do do you think?
  10. He's offering 30 days free insurance with the birds so there may be a way to get it vet checked and get the money back if she's really ill. That is definitely something to bear in mind though.
  11. http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/hand_reared_baby_galah/advert/205143 This isn't the baby bird, its a parent. http://www.birdtrader.co.uk/hand_reared_baby_greys/advert/205142 The grey advert
  12. Hi Chala, that really helps. My cousin has a Galah in Oz and loves her to bits. Said she was very loud to start with but has calmed down. This one didn't scream even when he was chasing her about and had a little whistle when i was stroking her. She didn't once try to bike but mouthed like they do and was incredibly gentle for such a little bird. I guess its all down to temperament and training isn't it to a degree. Also, the breeder is advertising on bird trader at the moment with the name 'paw_prince'. He keeps the birds at his home with his dogs and cats etc.
  13. Yes David, thats the one. I don't know the man's name but he and his wife/gf run the place. Its pretty messy as pet shops are and the birds are kept out for the public to view at the back of the shop. Thanks Greg, all the info I really have is the pet shop name and the guy's mobile number which is 07748747571. He obviously keeps them all clipped so the only way to stop it is to get the birds out of there. I'm very seriously considering taking the Galah.
  14. I didn't want to say immediately in case they were on here! He's in Margate and I only went to him because I know someone who bough a B&G from him. He's selling from Paw Prince Pet Shop..
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