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  1. Lovely looking birds. I'm so ignorant of the tiny birdies I thought they would be black and white but they are stunning.
  2. Lovely bunnies. I had a giant rex when I was small he was huge!
  3. Hi Ria Welcome so sorry to hear about your first baby Felix. Good luck with finding a companion for Luna.
  4. Oh hun I so feel for you so very much, I dreaded opening your post. You were so brave to end her suffering it's the last act of love that we can give our dear companions but the hardest one to bear RIP and fly free little Jimmie
  5. Hi Sarah I would get as much info from the breeder as possible about the food your baby is eating at the moment and how to serve the various elements...... then I would look on this site, parrot nation, the african grey forums US and UK and weigh up the pros and cons of various feeding fresh / pellets etc and make your decision before your baby arrives on how you plan to manage the gradual transition to your preferred feeding approach. If it helps my regime is roughly as follows; Chop (recipies vary and are on line but it's chopped fruit and veg and some other stuff) in the morning, free access to pellets (Harrisons corse) and water etc, with some power treats and nutri berries hidden for foraging fun - i wrap up roughly 40% of pellets with food grade chip paper (scarletts sell it) like sweeties for interest /busy beak. Lunch is fresh veg like broccolli , green beans, carrots courgettes etc whatever I have in . Tea is mash (again recipes on line but it's more pulses and grains) and supper is fresh veg from our meal or pasta etc or more veg is what we are having isn't parrot friendly. Dry pellets and water overnight. I also do some of my own soaking mix a couple of times a week and for the chop / mash. He also has calcivet a couple of days a week in his water. It all sounds double dutch at the mo but it will seem normal soon. My boy was on a poor seed mix with monkey nuts when he came but we transitioned him to pellets within a month by mashing them in cooled prev boiled water etc. Take care hopefully others will know more re pigeon mix as it seems odd to me.
  6. Hi Harlequin the hide looks great with the branches etc but personally (just my view) I would be cautious about putting the fabric huts in the cage for unsupervised play I've heard some sad stories from other sites about birdies ingesting the fibres from happy huts etc. I don't put rope in for the same reason as everyone has their own comfort level and after seeing Zebbie get caught up in a playstand preening toy I don't take the risk when I'm not there to release him. Again I'd stress that this is just my view I accept that others may feel differently.
  7. At least you aren't daft like me Hotfoot I spent ages asking for grapefruit juice and I still haven't tracked down kamut or amarath whatever, think they are too healthy for my local health shops
  8. I use all the others as listed but not fenugreek or celery which I do put in chop , will add them next time. I also use Quinoa , black turtle beans, soya beans , kidney beans, pinto beans, wild rice and Borrolli beans (probably the wrong spelling) I add a couple of drops of grapeseed extract to the soaking water as it's a good natural antibacterial.
  9. I feel for them so much in a way it feels like after 9/11 or the London bombings, I'm haunted by the fact that he shot children pretending to be a figure of trust.
  10. So very sorry to read this thread hun, hoping so much for a last minute miracle for Jimmy. Everything crossed that it's not her time.
  11. Thanks Jay for your kind offer which is very much appreciated, I may have something sorted with a member who lives near me if I can look after her sulphur crested too. Cheers and thanks
  12. That did make me giggle , I notice you have changed your ativar too match!
  13. I have same cleaning habits as others everything F10'd everyday including papers changed, perches wiped, bowls washed and poop removed again if there is any before bedtime. I was running a sleep cage system but we are changing that as he prefers staying where the action is and seems happier. The only difference is that I have some small bowls that I use for wet food like chop, mash and fruit and veg, I pop those inside the other bowls in his cage or playstands and take them out when he's done. Then the main bowls stay clean and any pellets etc underneath don't go soggy. Don't know if that may help reduce the smell? Agree with others normal poop should not smell so if it does start to I'd go straight to the vets for a check up.
  14. Hi Caron Thanks so much for your kind offer. Your babies look lovely on your piccies. I will check out anything close to home in the next few days to spare Zebbie the travel as it fees likel you may be a couple of hours or so away as we are an hour ish from York and come back to you if I may. Really appreciate you coming back to me thanks again as it's reassuring to know we can get away after all.
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