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  1. Are wee not allowed to post in the parrots for sale section? Sorry not been on here for a while been soo busy. Thanks
  2. Hi there, can anyone tell me how to place a for sale sign?
  3. Hi there, can anyone tell me how to post a for sale sign please.
  4. Thank you. i seem to have it sorted now. fingers x. It makes me angry because im always so organised, well in advance & i make sure iv got all the pets sorted before i even book my hol. and i called jst lst week to confirm their booking was ok , so for her to dothat at this late stage is just horrible. Anyway rant over. hopefully things will go to plan now.
  5. To everyone needing pets boarded, do not use Bedley Castle in Muirhead. i had my 2macaws booked in & 4 days befor im due to go on hol the owner decides to call at 10pm at night to say she cant board them. laeving me in a position where i had to buy another cage & find some1 else to board them all 3 days before i go on hol. iv been in a blind panic trying to gt something sorted , out of pocket , and a huge headache. do not trust this service .
  6. urgently needed < cage foe a macaw. i had my 2 macaws booked in for 12-21 july& just 4 days befor i go on hol the horrible place has told me they cant board them anymore. i desperetly need to buy another cage for 1 of them to get boarded again. please get in touch asap. thanks im in cumbernauld , scotland .
  7. hi there, i find that rope toys are really good for pluckers. try the one,s with the loose thread at the ends and see if that helps any. it seems to simulate the same action as plucking or sniping the feathers. hope that helps some.
  8. to greg glendell, im looking for another grey . could you tell me a bit more about him? age , sex , health, & price of course. thanks.
  9. Sky will do, step up, roll over (with a little help). show me ur big wings. high 5. and were working on shake hands at the moment. Romeo still wont even let me touch him so no chance of teaching any tricks yet im afraid.
  10. I dont put mine in there cage, the door is always left open but they never go in. great for the macaws but not so good for me , with constant cleaning.
  11. yeh that does sound like a better option. how do i make sure the aviary is at the rite temp, is an oil heater enough? and where is the best place to rehome some unwanted greys ex breeder or not. ? lots of questions i know but im quite excited about this now as i thaught i might have been to cold to house outside . i have an aviary ouside for the macaws but only for when were lucky enough to gt good weather. And sky & Romeo are great but i do miss having a grey around. my husband is always on my case tho saying there isnt enough room for any more & to be honest hes rite. also i feel i might be pushing it as sky & Romeo are extreamely quite . for macaws. and being in a mid terrace house, its just as well they are. i better get my saving up head on i suppose. thanks everyone.
  12. yeh it does sound like a full time commitment, it ws a thaught that had been running about my head for a long time. & the reason i havent done it by now is because the sad world we live in, i know too any people buy alsorts of pets on impulse, dogs,cats , horses along with parrots and everything else and then decide its not for them .I never do anything unless im 100% commited to it , thats the reason i spend every day& night running about after the dogs , parrots and horses & kids of course. im not 100% percent at the moment sure if thats the way i want to go and thats the reason its taken me so long just to even ask for advice. so maybee its something for the future or maybe not. anyway thanks for all advice.
  13. hi there, yeh lawries vets in cumbernauld has a great rep especially with the parrots. thats who i use for the macaws & the rest of the gang.
  14. hi there, yeh i git them booked in 2 a small pet boarding near where i live , i wont settle tho untill i actually get them there when i go on hol , its not my usuall boarders so hope they dont let me down.
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