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  1. Just thought I'd add my two cents. I love Richard and Carli, they're both fantastic and I doubt I'd trust my fids with anyone else!
  2. I lost my budgie after she had a stroke, and then another one a few days later, her first she wasn't distressed or painful, just became more tired and well, a little lobsided. The second time she really struggled through and passed away and it was heartbreaking. I most certainly regret not having an avian vet for her. Looks like your stevie has gotten lucky though! Glad to hear he is adapting/recovering well! Keep us updated
  3. Those feathers are looking lovely! Its great you can get so close with the camera and such. Hope to see more pictures and more progress!
  4. Love how he's already bigger than my senegal. Looks lovely, - what type of macaw is he?
  5. Wanted a senegal for years and then I stumbled across him in my local african grey breeders store etc just over a month ago. & I just became smitten with him, gave the guy the money and brought him home! He's the biggest 'velco' bird know to man, forget cockatoos, he's so clingy! Haha! So happy I've got him. ;3
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtWAs5wzJzw&feature=channel_video_title Hope y'all enjoy. Think I've posted it in the right place...
  7. Like someone below you said, they're also known as solomon cockatoos, as well as ducorps and solomon somethingelse. Found much more results about them being named as a solomon cockatoos than ducorps so I thought that might be the more common name for them! I thought baby food as I've been looking into lots of different diets and websites (so much conflict!) and a lot of people seem to use baby food as a method of bonding and it means they get all their fruit/veggies without them picking their favourites out and just ditching them. Wouldn't mind paying the extra price for them, it's just with a somewhat hectic lifestyle (at the moment) and whilst he's pretty antisocial I thought it might be good, so that we can maybe bond and saves a lot of time trying to prepare all these fresh foods (and it's not even my house ) then when things calm down a bit I'll whip out the blender and the fresh fruits and veg etc. I've been looking into things like the hardboiled eggs, and different fruits and 'kebabs' for them, I just need to invest in a big metal spike for him. How often do you feed your birds that 'baby food birdy bread'? Right now it'd be fantastic if I could get lots of fresh fruit and veggies, make up some dinners, etc. and freeze them but I'm unsure as to which dishes I can do that with. Thrown in at the deep end a little, but I'll learn!
  8. Just wanted to say, for this to be updated, can you put the "safe foods" title in bold, I was confused as I knew that almonds were safe for them, but it seemed to be under the 'questionable' header!
  9. So guys, how often would you recommend (if at all) feeding a cockatoo baby food (he's a solomon 'too) and are there any certain brands/actual flavours you would recommend for my guy? I'm looking into babyzilli but obviously just any input would be helpful. I'm pretty much only used to feeding seeds for my budgies (they're so fussy). If anyone has any step by step guides to making my single 'too daily feeds (and if you can whip up a big batch and freeze portions, etc) then please go ahead. I've looked all over but there's so much conflicting responses that I'd rather just ask here and see what I get! There are quite a few limitations into what I can do, so although the diet may seem the best available, might not be able to do so until I move out.
  10. Oh, I'll bear that in mind as I think he's gonna be a tough cookie to crack! Especially with some 'bird newbies' in this birds household. May I contact you Greg if I've got any cockatoo questions? They're also known as solomon cockatoos arn't they? He pretty much fits the standard description of one of these now after I've read up on them Just unsure about HIS size so wouldn't be able to tell you if thats the same as the docurps. My budgie's cant even be tempted by anything
  11. Thanks! He's just tried a bit of orange... then dropped it haha. I'll be writing up a diet plan after my exams are over (tuesday) and after I've done enough research to work out how much of what food groups/nutrients he'll be needing per day as he doesn't get an awful lot of exercise at the moment as he's not hand tame so cannot be allowed out to fly an awful lot (and you know his cage is small!) Not sure whether I should carry on using cuttlefish with him or find calcium substitutes elsewhere? Like egg shells. I guess I'll do my research on this all anyway, kinda been thrown in at the deep end!
  12. Unfortunately, only got budgie's (who are little swines and will not touch anything other than seed) and so everything I've read up on the larger birds hasn't had any chance to be put into practice! I assure you, his diet will be top notch asap! And I'm a big firm believer in birds getting masses of exercise (hello aviator when he lets me!)
  13. At the moment just store bought parrot food, eating carrots and plums and monkey nuts as kinda 'treats' and he's had a small bit of millet. We'll wean him onto proper fruits and veg in due time!
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