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  1. Hi Everyone! Not posted here for a looooong time, hope everyone is well.... just wondering if anyone can give a bit advice. Looking to get some supplements for Tia (usually give calcium powder), ours has ran out. I had bought in bulk and stored in a seperate container, stupidly disposing of the original labels etc and cant remember which one I had bought when we got her. I think it was calcivet but not entirely sure? There seems to be hundred to choose from?! What does everyone else buy for their birds? And other than the calcium powder is there anything else you would recommend?
  2. Hi Everyone, not posted in a while. Just a little video of Tia... She's such an odd bod (: Hope the link works!
  3. I have a Galah cockatoo, she's female and takes to both me and my partner so I also don't believe the opposite sex theory. I would say it's all about socializing them well when young (although I'm no expert and all birds are different). If you are sure you want a cockatoo I strongly suggest a Galah, Tia is very affectionate and loves a good cuddle but she also has the ability to entertain herself when in her cage... As far as I'm aware the U2's are extremely demanding and don't often appear to have this skill, then causing themselves so much distress they pluck. But Galahs are amazing... So entertaining and funny, although quite a bit smaller what she lacks in size she makes up for in fun!! Before I got Tia I also wanted a U2 and so glad I chose otherwise, it could have been the biggest mistake i'd have made! Good luck in whatever you decide though! (:
  4. Tia's a sleepy head... She'd happily stay under her cover all day and not say peep if we let her, but as soon as the covers off (time varys pending bedtime night before, she's a 12 hour kinda gal) she's bright as a button, and makes it very clear she's awake!
  5. Hello (: Can't help you much, not had experience with this type of behaviour but someone will come along soon. Just so we know what you are dealing with, what type of cockatoo is he? Good luck, hope someone can help...
  6. Hey Ruby, yeah she'd be out as much as possible, It's more something to sleep in... But now that you mention it, the cage is actually very small.... Not what I imagined it was! Nah, there's not much room at all already got 2 large cages for the greys in the room she'd be in so space is tight! There's a couple on scarletts website that look quite good and slightly bigger! Defo not keen on the opentops the horror stories have scared the life out of me!!! Lol
  7. Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has the Montana Finka Dometop cage and if so, is it suitable to house a Galah Cockatoo for 2 weeks? We're hoping to go away on holiday later next year and are looking for a smaller cage for Tia to stay in as her cage is too big to go to my Mums house while we are away. I wanted to look into this cage as it is exactly the same as the Montana Hacienda Dometop that she stays in just now (just smaller in size) so hopefully she would settle well in it. We would have it all set up and get her used to it before leaving her in it anyways, but just want to keep it as similiar to her current "home" as possible to reduce any stress (if any, she'd take on the world if I let her! ). Thanks.
  8. I would only weigh if I thought there may be something wrong, just to monitor any change. Hadn't really thought about weighing to check diet was okay, so a good point to make! Tia gets a varied diet and lots of exercise anyway so no concerns at the mo. Might try n weigh her anyway, just to see what the little chunk is sitting at, she DOES have a good appetite! correct me if im wrong but think she should be between 300 & 350g. (Galah 'too)
  9. The aviary is looking great... Like everyone else I'm dying to see it all finished, can't wait. Good work!!
  10. "The largest parrot by length in the world, the Hyacinth Macaw is 100 cm (3.3 ft) long from the tip of its tail to the top of its head and weighs 1.2–1.7 kg (2.6–3.7 lb). Each wing is 388–425 mm (15.3–16.7 in) long" Considering the above, the dimentions you have given would not give the birds near enough space. I'm really not trying to be rude but someone with as little knowledge about these beautys should seriously reconsider taking these birds on...
  11. Just noticed this, what a cutie!! Love the pic of him sittin on the branch looking back!! Didn't realise they had such nice colouring to them... Glad he's settling in so well Xx
  12. Tia has the Montana Hacienda dometop and loves it, more than enough room for her to flap around in! And she uses all the space up... Very good quality cage and easy to clean - which suits me too!! Shop around for this one though, were asking almost 600 on some sites but we got it for around 285 I think...
  13. Can't help you at all on this one but i'm keen to bump it up as I do the same with tia, the odd light mist then a good soaking once a week but never sure if i'm doing right by her or not, she never complains tho!
  14. Thanks Everybody! (: And Rubytoo, can't say i've sniffed many 'toos but she's a funny smell when wet - really hard to describe, not quite sure whether I like it or not?!
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