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  1. Hi i have an orange winged amazon thats 5 months old she was hand reared by the breeder (i no longer have his contact number ) The problem we are have or should i say she is, she tends to wee a lot and its very very smelly we can change her cage tray and within 12 hrs the paper is all wet with wee is this normal ?? she is fed on fruity parrot mix and various fresh fruit to inc apple orange grape cucumber tomato and the odd bit of carrot can some one advise me please Nb paddy the african grey that we took in is still doing very well he got most of his feathers back then he just pulled them all out again guess he just dont like feathers
  2. Hi all just a quick update paddy is doing quite well he has got 40% of his feathers back now that where missing, he does still have a chew on them but dont tend to pull them out as much so things are looking up. he still will not go on the hand move from the top of his cage he seems to like it just sat there on top watching the world go by,he is quite good with the mrs (julie) she can stroke him from the top of his head right down his back and can also touch his feet. anyway ill not babble on i will keep this updated from time to time thanks for the help with info for paddy
  3. Sorry i dont understand he needs a lamp ?? can these sups be added all at the same time or should i use different each day as using different each day he does not get the full dose as he don't drink all his water in one day sorry if im sounding sill i just dont want to get it wrong
  4. Hello another quick update Paddy is still shredding and plucking his feathers out they do grow but he just shreds or pulls them out the water treatments im using are calcivet cider vinegar and bsp multi vitamin drops how much and how often should i be using these items thanks mark
  5. Hi can anyone tell me if this is the correct stuff for paddys water and how much should i put in and how often http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/APPLE-CIDER-VINEGAR-MOTHER-1-LITRE-/280498552356?pt=UK_Health_Beauty_Natural_AlternativeTherapies&hash=item414f043e24
  6. Hi all quick update Paddy is doing very well he’s very chirpy and chatty now he seems to have made a bond with the mrs (Julie) she can stoke him now and he will move down from the top of the cage so she can stroke him (mood dependant) we are still on with getting him to leave his feathers alone as he still has a good taste for them only over night when we are in bed. I would like to thank once again for all the helpful information and comments
  7. Hi all Paddy seems to be settling in quite well he is feeding quite well, I have bought vitamin drops that go into his water and fruity parrot food he seems to like this but when we give him fresh fruit he don’t seem to like it, could this be a case of he’s never had it so won’t like it. He does like to eat toast and the odd prawn cracker, we have not seen him plucking he seems to be preening now and again but when we leave him over night you can tell with his feathers he’s been having a chew I suppose this will just take time. Also whilst I’m on is there a part to the site that gives guide lines on training a parrot that has reverted back to being partly wild ie you cannot stroke or touch I say cannot touch the mrs can stroke his head through the bars but it’s as if he’s only there to possibly get a chunk of skin Once again thanks for the advice places like this are fantastic
  8. Thanks guys some good advice seems to be comming my way i have never heard of palm nuts where are they bought from and why are they kept in freezer we are goin to the lps today to see what toys they have for him
  9. Hi and thanks for the replies seems I have come to the right place for the bird and my family His name is Paddy this was set by the last owner In reply to some comments/questions made Paddy will come to the front of the cage and take nuts off you through the bars, he will put his head down and let the mrs stroke the back of his head it I try he just bites although he will take the nuts (never bite the hand that feeds springs to mind here). He has not done any screaming or screeching at all just sits there really quiet you do get a little whistle of some sort from him now and again. Paddy does have some toys in his cage plastic, wood, rope and leather they have seen better days but im unsure if I should replace or not as they are what he is used to at this time, on the flip side being used to them could be the reason hes pulling is feathers out is it better to change or leave them for now Whilst I have been sat here I have been watching Paddy and his feathers he pulls them out from his back then spends time holding it in his claw and shredding it into very fine bits, I know I don’t want him doing this I just wanted to see what he was doing with himself he doesn’t seem to be irritated as if he has flees or the like. Ok one last thing for now the last owner said he was out of the cage most of the time (he was out when I went there to collect) to me that mean nothing, but how often and when should we let him out of his cage Sorry if im going on a bit Again thanks for the replies
  10. Hello as you can probably see im new to the forum and new to parrot ownership I looking for some help I have just bought a parrot (neglected) ive bought it in a sorry stat to be honest but I couldn’t leave him where he was. Im being told hes 4 years old I have no reason to doubt this, the house I got the parrot from was what can only be called a smoking den it stunk of drugs (cannabis) The sex of the bird is unknown so I call it him Right here goes sorry if this goes on little 1 his droppings seem fine 2 he has plucked most of his feathers from around his back neck and chest (what’s best to do??) 3 absolutely hate men with a passion he’s bit me twice already (im not liking this bit) 4 he is fine with women has tried biting the Mrs. but not done as of yet 5 I have given him some monkey nuts, parrot mix, apple and some carrot (only ate the monkey nuts) So all in all im looking to solve quite a few problem here and I don’t need the smarty pants comments like you should have done your home work prior to buying, I either bought and do something to help the bird or leave it there to suffer what would you have done Anyway lets chat and see what we can fix
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