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  1. they on bird trader advert no is bt114e8d if u click on the garden & pet centre it brings the name up
  2. they are using the name james andrew
  3. the only support them 2 idoits will get is income support but that will be a waste off tax payers money
  4. thank u but it got to be done i already have a harressment order on them it just makes me more angry when i hear of others this is happening to after such a short time but they were silly as i have a receipt of them saying i paid them 660 and signed it
  5. thanks think its the only way to stop this happening my baby had the best 3 weeks of his life with us if it was not for the two scum bags it will have been yrs
  6. hi everyone if there is any one else who lost there bird after getting it from shop4birds am making a application to small claims court u are more than welcome to attach ur name to this court order
  7. just been on another bird site they are selling birds under a different name they are using paul
  8. mcatee 123 i have just pmed u the lastest addresses
  9. i know how u feel about being angry when my little baby died i was angry and the more i hear it has happened again and again i get angier instead off a full refund i got abuse and had to get a harressment order on them am going to take them to court so if ther is anyone else who it has happened to then ur more than welcome to come to court with me
  10. i know for a fact they have no licence i been told first hand by authroties and wildlife police
  11. yes it does belong to them it s there site,birds4saleuk.co.uk we will never give in and we are still consulting with authoritys and our lawyers these fraudsters will be stop one way or the other so dont just ring us up threatning fraudsters bring it on you know who we are and where we are so ready when you are ripping off disabled children you should be ashamed of yourselfs but the one who laughs last laughs the loudess. any one else wants to join are legal battle with these fraudsters please contact via pm.
  12. i can give u loads off details as am in contact with the council as i will not let them get away with this my bird lived 3 weeks he had aring we didnt have a pm done on him as i was not in a fit state we got him from the garden centre at cheswell when we contacted them they offered me another 1 at 600 so we went over and the bird they tryed to sell us was sick on me so i could not take it to go though the heartache again maybe we rushed getting another that day but our children are disabled so we could not tell them wot had happened to him and then the death threats started but am not scared of bullies like that they need stopping as ive heard of more people i have a number of aguy who bought one the day after me and his died aswell
  13. we bought a baby grey from shop4 birds in feb this year he lived 3 weeks we told these cowboys about this and all we got was threats i had to contact the police to deal with these thugs i have since we lost ours ive heard about 2 more they need stopping they have now moved out of there flat in chesterfield
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