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  1. Great thanks for the help just someone wants 250 for one its green with blue patches its hand reared and fully tame so just dont want to get done over for money lol
  2. Anyone Know The Difference Between A Indian Ringneck And A Pied Ringneck? Looking At Getting One But Don't Know What Is The Difference I Own 2 IRN At The Moment So What Is Different About A Pied Ringneck?
  3. I wish you all the best and hopefully a solution can be found if not i hope he finds a good loving new home
  4. Oh bit stuck im in the same boat trying to home my ringnecks into a avairy afican greys i think they are lovely birds that will be my next one when these get re homed im not sure what else to say apart from doing the sweet talk on your husband to keep him
  5. Hi Rosie, don't you have a family member or friend that would want him if not maybe someone on here will have him so you can keep in contact yea its not fair them going home to home hopefully you can find him a nice loving home. good luck keep us updated as to how it goes
  6. hehe it goes straight through your ears loud as hell
  7. she wants a chat to make sure you don't forget her breakfast
  8. Ah There Screams Are Bloody loud my male allways goes on a mad crazy 10 minutes screaming session then u get the female who has never ever made one sound since ive had her
  9. noise untill about 11am ! Wow! you are lucky every morning 7 days a week he is waking me up at 6 least you can have a lay in on a sunday then
  10. yea but if the hatch and once weaned you going to sell them? (interested in one)
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