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  1. flight has been delivred any advice on what to put on the concrete floor? flight is internal inside my bird room
  2. thanks guys thought as much but it has been playing on my mind for a few weeks, stupid i know Lol oredred them a metal flight today from Alutek in northampton going to collect it friday
  3. David im looking at ordering a 6x4ft flight this weekend for the greys, but im still worried about getting inside and cleaning do african greys attack humans?
  4. fingers cross tez sent samples just a waiting game now thanks jebirds and its good to know helps at hand on this site
  5. thanks david just need to sit back and wait for the results
  6. Thanks david, When i get the flight will i be ok to walking in to clean the flight floor? my greys are wild caught and growl even when i look in their direction will they just hide in nest box???
  7. evening all, can i just say a very big thank you to Tez for coming out of his way this afternoon to the take my greys blood samples for me. TEZ YOUR A GREAT BLOKE AND THANKS SO MUCH and thanks for everyone else for your advice this is a great site with some great people
  8. They are in a 3ft cube cage at the moment because I was advised that this was the best method for breeding, after some research it's now apparent that they are better off in aviary flights so I'm looking at ordering a 8x6ft aluminium flight that I can use for them with a living quarters inside my heated bird room.
  9. anyone in nottingham willing to help me out??? Please
  10. what do you mean by Nest box divers?? my greys seem to spend all there time in the nest box and i very rearly see my hen. any ideas on whats happening?
  11. thanks Tez but i want to test for both PBFD and DNA so will; need to take blood samples
  12. hi my email address is wrong its stevenotts33@hotmail.co.uk
  13. yes its a test for PBFD and DNA dont want to do it without help and taking the to the vet will stress them out even. my greys are wild and im worried about handling them and getting blood
  14. I need some help taking blood tests from my new pair of african greys ive never done this before and really could do with someone showing me how to do it, dont want to hurt them or get hurt myself. I am willing to pay for your time/transport ect If anyone is will to help me please message me or call my mobile 07802876271 Thanks Steve
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