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  1. And was also trying to get as close to a lsc's wild diet as possible. Didn't know id get shot down when asking for advice for something I have NO experience with. When I first started hand rearing there was no where near as much advice on nutrition as there is today. seed and occasional fruit that was it. However if David is doubting my claims he is welcome to come round any time he likes and view all my birds and indeed the 3 african grey chicks im currently hand rearing.
  2. I have hand reared birds since the age of 19 and still hand rear to this day. And have always weaned onto seeds. I am asking more about the issue of soaking/sprouting which I have never done before.
  3. The breeder has said he will be fed lots of things to stop her bing picky. So thats why I ask.
  4. Hi I am due to get my Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo baby in a couple of weeks and want some advice on feeding. I have brought 2 bags of Harrisons High Potency, but since reading about them i'm not too keen to give them as her staple diet, maybe a few as treats now and then. I am unsure whether to feed sprouted seed/pulses or soaked? Do I add a little normal parrot mix like `pretty bird cockatoo`? as well so he is getting both soaked and normal seed or is the soaked required on its own. I was thinking about feeding breakfast : veg lunch: 1 or 2 nutriberries evening: soaked or sprouted pulses/seed, mixed with fruit, some harrisons and some normal seed? or is this too much. Appreciate any help.
  5. A lovely place that takes pride in the way they care for the birds. There is always a large bowl of water down and the staff are always swapping and changing the birds so they can get a drink. Fruit has always been offered aswell as nuts.
  6. Vast experience of hand rearing many birds from Budgies to B&G Macaws. Been hand rearing for 6 years. Contact me if reqd.
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