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  1. Lovely to find the forum resurrected........most forums have vanished with the advent of social media / facebook etc. So 7 years down the line, we are still owned by an M2 named Flump, a CAG called Monty and 2 BHCs, Lily and Lola (a rescue who turned out to be male but kept his name anyway!!) We live in the Midlands between Birmingham and Derby. Hope lots of old friends join again.
  2. thanks for the kind welcome. The flock are well, somewhat older and no longer babies, with hormones in full flutter these days ! One of the ongoing wonders is the talking and the speed at which they learn new phrases, a cause of constant enjoyment for us! They are still sweet and happy to interact with us, so hopefully the dire warnings about the Too will be proven to be a nonsense in the end. I just wish the weather would be consistently warm enough for them to be able to enjoy their aviary!
  3. After a long sabbatical, I thought I would visit again, given all the changes of recent times on the forum...... I found forums to be in general a place where nastiness, spiteful vendettas and the like were all too common, so I withdrew from them. It was only with the latest news about Parrotcare that I thought I would visit again and see how things developed, having been the brunt of disparaging remarks about how I dared to keep a Cockatoo when the self-styled "authority" on the matter had decreed that they were unsuitable to keep as companion parrots and that her "rescue" was full of them. Well. We still have our beloved Too and he is well and happy. Here's hoping this attempt at joining in the forum is more successful than the last somewhat unwelcoming experience........
  4. The new organic, compete food diet was on show at the Spring Parrot Society Show in Stafford - there were pellets and other products, all of which looked quite good and mine loved the fruit pellets particularly. The food comes from South Africa, not Australia, though, if we are referring to the same one. Have mislaid the details - will post them up when I find them, one of the pet shops in the Bolton / Manchester area, I think, was trialling sales and importing the product.
  5. I found a really gorgeous cargo net at Midlands Parrots - it was beautifully made, albeit not cheap. Now graces the flight, where our M2 particularly loves it. They do mail order. But £10 is just too good to miss - you won't get another bargain like that easily!!!!
  6. There seems to have been a widespread campaign by the two D's against not just charities like Jebirds, but also many a small petshop or small online parrot supplies business whom they felt were "competition" to them. If you google certain petshops there are comments which look decidedly like their handiwork, which are blatantly untruthful and damaging to the poor owners....... Any updates on these two, or has the law ended up toothless again?? I do wish law was more robust when it came to animal welfare!!
  7. Thanks everyone who's taken the trouble to welcome us.....I'll get some pics linked via photobucket as soon as I can and hope we can start a concerted drive against all the horrid negativity. I am sure there are many many many cockatoo owners and breeders out there who are devoted to their birds!!! None of our cockatoos has ever plucked a single feather, let alone self-mutilated, and I am sure we are not the only people who are delighted daily by these remarkable, joyous, intelligent parrots!!! I was initially very shocked at the apparent prejudice and negativity, particularly in the stickied thread on the sadly abused Too where one of the Mods and longstanding members on here, Hotfootjackson, was attacked by someone about the Australian government's pest control of Toos when he tried to defend ownership of these fantastic birds, who make ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL COMPANIONS for the right people!! I take your point, Jebird, about the needs of Toos and its awfully sad that any parrots end up having to be rescued, just as its incredibly sad that so many vulnerable people end up abused in this world......I just don't think that a very balanced view was presented in the stickied thread about Cockatoos, and it serves to drive people away from this site, it is very prejudicial and exclusionary in places. I have seen equally sad, distressing stories and pictures of neglected and abused Macaws, Greys, Eclectus and other parrot species, not just Toos. Its great to see the Too owners standing up for their birds, though - Jaguar, Hotfoot and everyone else out there who loves and owns Toos- the fightback has started!!!!!!
  8. I'm sorry not to have done this earlier - I did register several months ago, but was so put off by the very negative attitude I perceived on here from some longstanding members and moderators, about cockatoos, their owners and their breeders. :shock: As this is such a large and informative, forum, however, I have visited more and found some information really useful and so I decided I would introduce myself and my beloved flock, as at least SOME people here have shown that they are not all anti-cockatoo or anti-cockatoo owner Our little mini-flock consists of a one year old Molluccan Cockatoo, a 7 month old Congo African Grey and shortly, a BlackHeaded Caique. We are privileged to share the lives of these companion birds and love them very much. Our Lesser Sulpher Crested Too died tragically a few months ago; we had hand-reared him and shared his life for 17 years - he was a happy, well-adjusted bird as is our current youngster. We are fortunate to have a nice outdoor flight for our parrots to enjoy when the weather is decent as well. We are very devoted to our parrots as I guess many people on here are, and I look forward to contributing, particularly to a far less negative press about cockatoos!!! :wink:
  9. I was very pleased to read this post from Pottys Mum and hope that others adopt the sentiments therein - after signing up several months ago, I felt quite dejected and upset by the apparent dreadful attitudes from some very experienced forum members about cockatoos, their owners and breeders, to the point that I didn't actually post anything at all, being one of the apparently disliked or "looked-down-upon- sub-species" who love these beautful birds and have kept them as companions with great pleasure over years. I couldn't believe the prejudicial statements I saw, set in a "sticky". I just want to say that it was decidely un-welcoming and very off-putting to read such negativity and not-entirely-accurate remarks about these lovely birds and those who keep and/or breed them. Big thumbs-up to Pottys Mum and those who have been welcoming, even to those who dare to own and love cockatoos!!!!!
  10. So pleased to see such a positive post about a cockatoo in between all the negativity written about them, both on this forum and elsewhere ..... she looks absolutely lovely and I wish you the very best with her. We are also cockatoo owners - currently have a young Moluccan who is just an absolutely joy and such a pleasure to teach, as well. We lost our 17 year old LSC tragically some months ago - had handreared him, and he was a darling all his life, talking and playing and calling and being the most wonderful companion, and never plucked a feather in his life. I did look around for a rescue bird and could not find anyone wanting to rehome, except at a very high price, despite the rescue centres allegedly being filled to the brim with cockatoos. ..... very sad to read some of the posts on here / elsewhere about how allegedly difficult / impossible / dangerous etc these wonderful birds are, and see some of the photos of those who were abused and mutilated. I felt quite put off from posting, actually, given the amount of negativity against cockatoos in the stickied thread on here, until I saw your post........ all the very best with Peaches, and I do look forward to hearing more about her!!!!! Cockatoos are wonderful birds, superb companions and a joy to own - there are many caring and knowledgeable owners out there with happy, well-adjusted birds; sadly, there are those who abuse animals and birds of every variety, not just cockatoos............
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