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  1. So do u think there's no point converting him to pellets?
  2. Yes I did He's on seed mix fruit n veg I gave him a smal amount of pellets and seeds mixed and he picks up the pellets grinds it 2 powder n chucks the rest and then he pulled out his bowl and threw it! So I don't know what else to do I'm planing to get him on pellets fruit and veg as his daily diet and use his seeds n nuts as treats with training evryday
  3. I have a blue and gold macaw who is on seed diet I need help on how to convert him to pellets?? Please help much apreciated thank you
  4. Oh ok No I gav him tto my sister because she wantd him. Thanx to alll!!!!! For your help
  5. Thank you so much for all your help!! Very kind of you!! Xx
  6. I haven't had a macaw before I've had african greys and cockatoos but with his diet he's was on seed when I got him I've ordered harrison organic pellets so hopefuli I'm going to try convert him on to those
  7. Well I think he's settled in very well he's very chatty and he's eÀting very well he's havin his mixed seeds and a lot of melon and grapes so I don't know what it could be
  8. Hi I just bought my beautifull b&g macaw sky he's 4 years old and I've noticed his poop is very very watery thers hardly any poop just watery stuff please help on what it could be or what I should do?
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