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  1. Hiya i was wondering if anyone can tell me what an AG tongue looks like, not the tip but quite far back?
  2. Np Greg, Both the RSPCA and Trading standards told me to just keep an eye our for anymore adverts from them and get back in touch straight away if there is anymore, they are also selling them via Facebook! I dont like getting involved in things like this but i just couldn't sit back and do nothing
  3. That's what i want, not a company that messes about but hopefully wont need to use them thanks all for your help x
  4. did all that but had to report them to rspca and local trading standards
  5. 8 Week old baby African Grey Parrots (still 4 weeks left) but if interested you can hand rear them yourself (no night feeds)
  6. no sorry iv wrote it wrong, i mean how old does the grey have to be lol
  7. Hiya i was just wondering what age are you allowed to buy a grey? The reason i ask is that i have just seen an add for baby greys and i dont think its right!?
  8. thanks for all your help, will definitely be taking a policy out with them thanks again x
  9. sorted, needed to update Adobe, they have pretty good prices, best iv seen so far, thanks
  10. keeps saying i have to download and open file but when i go to open it, it does nothing??
  11. Hiya, i have tried but it wont let me look at it?
  12. Hiya, can anyone recommend a decent company for insurance? Iv read a previous thread on here saying Golden Vally but i cant seem to get prices on their site and other sites iv tried are ridiculous, any help would be gratefully received. P.s its for a Grey Many thanks Sam
  13. We was doing really well he almost stepped up but unfortunately we are going to have to sell him, he is fine around older kids but every time my 15month old is around he plucks really bad and when shes not there hes fine, dont no what else to do as hes getting very stressed
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