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  1. I have one of those for my pair. It acts as a buffer between the two cages, placed so they can both easily step onto it. Again I think its a case of you get what you pay for, mine is a liberta, cheap and nasty. I was pretty appalled by how badly made it was and even though they seem to love it I will only be using it till I can find something better. I was thinking of just building one myself out of untreated pine and parrot safe branches, that way I can be sure it is safe for them and easy to climb on. However, that would also make it chewable so maybe not a good idea unless you enjoy woodwork. As for the tray, remove it if it worries you, same as anything dodgey in your parrots environment. Try hanging some nice large parrot toys form it, they will not only enjoy playing on them but it gives them more to hang onto. The exercise they get from climbing is invaluable.
  2. Well, Ruby and Herbie my lovely eclectus ,have been settling in to life with me here really well. Both have made themselves more than at home and are used to the day to day goings on here. Herbie, the big green softie adjusted I thought, incredibly quickly for a species that doesn't like change. He will eat anything I put in front of him almost and soaks up input like a sponge. No real problems with that cheeky chap apart from some territorial issues. Ruby is a bit more complicated. She is a fussy eater with a preference for all the foodstuffs she isn't allowed too much of. She will raid Herbies cage for seeds hes left while he raids her cage for all the veggies she's left. She's getting everything she needs I just have to be more careful. Ruby has always been fearful of hands and I have been steadily trying to get her used to mine being near her. She has also a deep curiosity about me. She will hop from her cage onto the back of the sofa when I am watching TV or on the PC, clamber down and up onto my knee where I will burble at her while she listens. The problem here is when Ruby bites she really shows none of the normal warning signals and somehow always manages to do it when you least expect it, fingers get a bit too close and BAM! If im near her cage then fine, im usually aware and ready for it, but when she does it under the guise of cuteness...well lets say she's got me a couple of good ones. So, I need to make her not fear my hands. The key word there is 'make', I was hoping she would just come around naturally but its not working out that way. There must be some more direct way of making her accept hands, I have heard of a method called 'intensive love' but i cant find much info on it and im not sure i like the sound of it anyway. Distraction only works to a certain point as she soon gets tired of what shes playing with, or will drop it to bite even and she cant be bribed with food unless its nuts which she can only have a few. She's a challenge is my little Ruby, any hints would be appreciated. :oops:
  3. thanks elle, as i understand it the long digestive tract is the reason for not giving too much seed. An eckie site i just looked at says 1 boiled egg every 2 weeks to 1 month, more in mating season. There is no mention of chicken or fish, so to err on the side of caution I will cut that out of their diet, egg only. They would get very little in the way of cholesterol naturally, so they may find it difficult to deal with too much. Im glad I asked cos now I know! They are going to be disappointed chicken is off the menu, but hey, they already eat better than I do, they'll live
  4. They do a lot more climbing than flying, thought both are more than capable of flying its rare that they will venture too far from their cages and gym. The room they live in isnt massive so they cant fly too far before they bump into something. But they are quite active on the whole. So far I have fed them a single egg, scrambled (half each) , a small chicken leg each (i was worried even that was too much but it was gone in minutes) and a small piece of cod each as I said at a rate of one thing each week. On the other hand they dont get much seed or fatty nuts, maybe 10% of their daily food.
  5. Hi, how often do you feed your parrots high protein type foods such as chicken, fish and eggs? My Eckies love all this stuff, but Id hate to overdo it. So far I have tried them on just a little bit of various stuff once a week, they would have easily demolished more but I am wary of the fat content. Should it be a once a month treat for them? By the way, does anyone know if seafood such as prawns or freshwater langustines are ok for them? (meat only)
  6. Ok, at least i know now. Im suprised they havent come up with a way to do it chemically or hormonally. I do understand that any invasive surgery on a parrot would carry a high risk. Its a shame there is no safe way to do it, as with cats and dogs it would be a good way to slow the production of and thus numbers of unwanted birds around. Thanks for the info
  7. Hi, I was wondering as I do not wish my eclectus pair to breed if spaying or neutering is an option? What would the pro's and con's of this be?, does it cause behavioural change like it does in some animals? I understand now from reading that as pets go, a male and female pairing is not the best idea, as in nature they would normally not seek the company of the opposite sex except in mating season. I cant really do anything about that now, but would spaying/neutering them have an effect on the bond between them if it is no longer enhanced by hormones?
  8. Thanks ladies, that list makes things nice and easy. I will get and store suitable stuff as I find it. My relatives better watch out, their gardens are on my hit list, I may offer to 'prune' their fruit trees. I have one of those stone nail perches and will get a few more to keep their nails down. As for the cages Caren, I cant see the justification for the absurd prices they charge, especially those priced in the thousands. I havent been given a final price for my cage yet but the cost of materials to make one, even in stainless steel isn't that expensive. My friend is a professional welder so it should be a breeze for him to knock the pieces together. I made the design a simple house kind of shape to keep the costs down, but if I had wanted to get creative Im sure he would have been up to it. Tell you what, If I am pleased with the result I will pass his number on to you should you ever need anything making in future. I'm sure you probably do every now and then in your business and as we live in the same town it would be rude of me not to lol. Better see what he comes up with first, that may be a bit premature, this will be his first parrot cage.
  9. David, have you ever had a problem with wearing particular colours while your birds are in season? I know it sounds strange, but I noticed Ruby was paying a lot of attention to me all of a sudden. I thought she was just getting used to me, she was still trying to bite me if I put my fingers too close but was eager to step up onto my arm. She wanted onto my shoulder but i wasn't having that, I like my ears as is thanks Ruby. Then I noticed she was hunkering down onto my arm and ,well for want of a better word 'presenting' herself. Turned out she had taken a particular fancy to a light blue shirt I was wearing. All of poor Herbies dancing and flashing his lovely blue wing undersides, to be outdone by Fruit of the loom. Poor lad lol. I know you said in the New members section that I shouldn't trust the female from bitter experience, I was wondering if you could expand on that for me. The fewer surprises I have with her the better. On a positive note, the varied diet seems to be having a good effect on them. They seem a little bit more vibrant in their colouration and are loving the taste sensations, especially Herbie who is a little pig. I hope I am not overfeeding them, but its hard to tell seeing as most food goes on the floor. I have ordered a large double cage for them with a removable divider. I was pretty appalled by the price of these things to buy, so a friend of mine is custom building me one out of stainless steel. With all the extra room they should get a lot more exercise while they are in the cage. For making perches inside the cage I was going to use thick pine broomhandles, is that Ok? or will they just chew them to pieces. There must be some types of wood indigenous to the UK that is safe to use with them for perches etc. Any ideas anyone?
  10. More of a Lady Gaga fan eh David? I do a great rendition of Poker Face on the maraca's.....just joking of course.... I don't play the maraca's. lol Any idea of how long the mating season lasts for Eckies? and how many times a year it happens?
  11. I have been doing some reading and a few things have suprised me about these birds. I was prepared for the special diet, but had thought they would be similar in most other ways to Greys (the only other parrot i have had experience with). Behaviourally they are very different and as it turns out in some ways unique. For instance, the way they express anxiety or annoyance is different. They were being particularly noisy yesterday, so I thought I would play my guitar for them. Music calms the savage beast and all that. They became almost instantly subdued as they listened to me play, I thought "my, my, this actually works!". They even fell asleep halfway through a bit of Tracy Chapman (cant blame them there lol), I thought "yep, jobs a good 'un" After some research today, it actually turns out that Eclectus go quiet when they are nervous or worried. Tracy Chapman probably terrified them to sleep! typical, everyones a bloody critic! I did find other useful info. I would say they are definately in the throws of their mating season. The repetitive cries from the female and males aggression point strongly toward it anyway. Eclectus reach sexual maturity at 2-3 years old if the info I was reading is accurate, the females maturing sooner. Its all fascinating stuff anyway, but the much bigger split cage is a must I think. I tried the birdy Kebob idea and added some extra bowls, It worked a treat, Herbie just cant guard it all at once, thanks for that.
  12. That is probably the wise thing to do marion, surely it would make Ruby a bit happier not having to compete for food. Plus, if this is a reversal of their usual behaviour it could save lost feathers in the future if Ruby decides to assert her authority. Herby seems to covet all pomegranets, they are all his and nobody else can have any, not even me. Also it would be good to have separate cages if like you say, they could become sexually active, dont need any more baby parrots over here. I will get on it thanks.
  13. I was told these birds dont reach sexual maturity till they are 8 or 9, is that wrong then?
  14. As far as I know they were bought together as babies and are just over 2 now. The male definately dominates the female in this relationship, at least from what I have observed so far.
  15. Hi, as i bought my 2 Eclectus' as a pair (not for breeding purposes) and they had been caged together previously, I had presumed that is ok. Not that they don't get on together ,they do. Except where food is concerned, Herbie, the male has aggressive side with Ruby that belies his gentle nature. Its not phsyical, Herbie will claim the nice food for himself and guard it. If she comes too close he will growl and chase her off until he has had enough. I am presuming this is quite natural behaviour but probably not helped by the confines of a cage. When this happens I have been threading some food thru the bars on top of the cage so she still gets the treats. As soon as funds allow I will be getting a much bigger cage for them. My question is, should I keep them caged together in one large cage, or get separate but adjoining cages for them giving each their own little territory? They spend the majority of their time outside the cage together anyway, would separating them at mealtimes and at night, even with just a few bars be a bad idea?
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