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  1. Yes claire, i was able to go to Jurong Bird Park and thought that is was brilliant, the display and variety of birds was amazing!
  2. Thank You for the information Fuzz, after reading the fact sheet it has made it a bit clearer to me about the elegents
  3. Im quite confused at the moment as to the difference between a rock parrot and an elegent parrot (if there is any), from looking through the internet and books they both seem to look the same but are slightly different, maybe it is just another name. I live in australia and have acquried a bird that i believe to be an elegent but im having trouble identifying it and the sex?, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone for all the advice !
  5. About a month ago i bought a pair of birds from a local petshop and i was told they were elegants, after doing some research im unsure if one of them actually is an elegant. I got them with the hope that they would breed but they dont seem interested in each other. What type of birds are they???
  6. Thanks for the replies, i have checked the website, it looks really good
  7. Has anyone been to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore? Im going there in a few weeks on holiday, is it worth going to?
  8. I looked at the website, it looks really good and from the responses that people have said i think i will try to go later this year when im back in the uk!!
  9. What are the birds supposed to use it for??
  10. I have put in a nest box after a long time researching about elegants , i have heard that i should put wood shaving inside the nest box biut i cannot find information anywhere on the internet. Advice please??
  11. Finally got a pair of elegants after a long search for the right birds. They are in an aviary with a cockatiel, they are settling in great! I was watching them today for a bit and noticed that the cockatiel is quite territorial about the food bowls and the highest perch during the day. Is this normal behaviour or should i be concerned? Thanks
  12. Hi Is it ok to feed sweet corn to parrots such as budgies and cockatiels?? Thanks, shilly
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