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  1. rubytoo hi thankyou so much for your post,i really hope i do find the birds owners but what will happen will happen,il just have to wait an see,an i really hope i get my alfy back,or is it fate that sent me this bird cos alfy wont be coming back,who knows but i will do my best in each case,and make sure the rite thing is done x
  2. im really really sorry u havent got any further with ur search for mittu,its really hard isnt it,but dont give up,its apity john wont let you look at the 1 found in birmingham,it so stupid isnt it,well keep ur chin up an keep the search goin even if u let the kids think he wont be coming bak then if he does cum bak it will be such asurprise xx
  3. marion w,hi yes u got it rite i was searching for my alfy(african grey)whn i got acall to go and look at one tht was found around the corner so i did but it wasnt alfy,the lady asked if i could take him to put in my cage as she couldnt put him anywhr,so i did,now im still searching for my alfy while trying to locate the owner of the found one,hes alovely bird an hes taken to me an me to him,it will be hard to give him back whn the time comes but some one has really been brilliant with this bird hes apleasure to look after,if i find my alfy thats fine as i have 2 cages,mite be abit noisy but it would be great,thankyou for your email x
  4. hi twinkle,i really dont know what to do for the best,no matter how long it yakes even though it will get harder i would return the bird if the owner comes forward,i know it could be any time or even never,i cant understand how people dont fone the rspca or anything to find there bird,but i supposed not everyone has afone or internet,an they mite just not know what to do to get there bird bak,but iv gave his ring number to john hayward so that if anyone fones him he can match it the only trouble is that it could be years on an then someone fones or something an its owner turns up,its ahard one,im really sorry uv had no luck with searching for mittu,iv had afew stupid calls off pepole sayin the bird is thrs but its not,even people askin do i want to sell it cheap cos iv found it thrs sum sick people out thr,anyway its nice to hear from u again hope u will keep intouch x
  5. i hope whr ever mittu an alfy are thr being looked after and i hope we will get them bak soon,just to let you know this parrot still hasnt said anything that you said it mite,it opened rite up now hes mad,lol,iv still had no luck finding the owner,i gave john hayward his number and that so maybe some one will be reunited with him soon,iv also gave him my parrots number,and i wanted to speak to him about different birds on his site but he was rushing me so i just had to leave the numbers,i dont know what he does if he puts it in the computer for matches or what i hope i here something soon,its horrible just sitting waiting,the parrot found in birmingham i bet thats urs,but how can u tell if ur not even allowed to see it,its mad...
  6. just areminder for everyone to make notes of there birds ring numbers,as i found abird and the amount of people that dont know there ring numbers is pretty scary,i myself am guilty of this and only through managine to get back intouch with my breeder who knew was able to get it,but some people lose touch of there breeders,so please make anote of yours....
  7. still no owner,iv been on every site looking an searching for the owner of this parrot,but nothing,i have the ring number and thought that would make it easier but still nothing,an as time goes on were both(me an parrot)are getting very attached to each other,how long do i search for the owner(maybe for ever)i dont know,i know iv done an doing all i can to try and find them but when do i call it aday,or have i got to keep it in my head that 1day the owner will come for him,i would love this bird to go to its real owner because it must have had so much love on it as it is the most tame lovin cuddly bird iv ever none,hes apleasure to have any ideas on what i can do or do i just leave it now and just wait an see....
  8. my baby has to be some whr,but whr,whr do all these parrots go to,i know some get reunited but theres alot that doesnt,an if some one finds them why dont they tell some one so that if the parrot owner is looking he will hear of it,i cant understand why my alfy hasnt been handed in or even that i havent heard nothing,after all the stuff iv done to find him,its like hes being hid away,i hope an pray that i hear something soon as its breaking my heart...x
  9. thankyou everyone for your comments,they were very helpful x
  10. thankyou hotfoot jackson,i wont give up,it just gets hard at times but im gna keep searching for him,hes my baby x
  11. please help...my alfy flew away on the 16th march in beswick,manchester,if anybody has any info please3 get intouch,hes 11yrs old and i miss him so much,my heart is breaking,as the days pass by its getting harder an harder to try not thinkin hes gone forever,but im hopeful i will get him back i pray everyday... :cry:
  12. im so glad i know when i see my alfy again he will get soooo excited they way he does whn i walk in the room,i cant wait for that day,and thankyou for your comments marion w,it puts my mind abit at ease...xx
  13. hi paul,just thought id drop u aline,well youve still not floyd,well that cockatiel is still in them bushes my sister heard it at 4am the other day,its ashame i hope it can survive,well it has up to now,good luck in finding urs,i went to look at afound african grey to see if it was mine but it wasnt an the lady said wud i take it an find its owner i said i wud so now im searching for 1 lost an advertising 1 found,this parrot is lovely i can do anything with him but some one must be missing him,iv put adverts on the different sites an had afew fone calls an afew viewings but the owner hasnt turned up,hope you find floyd soon....dawn oneill...
  14. after so long would your bird forget you or would they always rememberyou,i hope my alfy remembers me,hes got to iv had him 11yrs so he must remember even just bits,i hope so and thankyou for your reasuring comment x
  15. thankyou so much,it is very hard my neck is stiff through looking up all the time,i just hope if some one has taken him in they do the right thing.x
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