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  1. It was fiddly to get on, but with use I bet its very easy. I was very confident with it. She took flight a few times and I was happy to let her fly. She pecked at it a lot but it was her first time so no wonder.
  2. Northers Parrots came up trumps today with the delivery of Queeny's harnss. Took a bit to get it on her but she had patience with me We tried it around the house first then went off for a walk with one of the dogs. We got some strange looks Queeny is still not 100% with it as she keeps trying to bite it, but for her first time she did great!!!
  3. I thought it might be a good idea to build Queeny a hide. This is the result. Thing is he would rather hill out behind it. She adopts the same position she does in my hand when she wants fussing with. Feet up and her back against my hand, or in this case her hide
  4. Finally got around to getting queeny a light harness. Surfed to Northern Parrots and ordered up her Petit Aviator. I was a bit worred about which to ordr after a reviewer on there said they had a problem with sizes. But since Queeny is just 70g it sould be ok Can't wait for it to get here!!! I noticed an avian weighing device for 80 odd quid :shock: We improvised with our kitchen scales. Queeny didn't mind
  5. It's been a while since I posted up so I thought it about time you guys had an update. Queeny is so tame now its unreal. She is even happy to hop onto the fingers of people she has just met!! She often sits with us while we watch TV. Flying around th room, then settling on us for a bit, then off again. She loves to be out in the sun as well. We have a smaller cage for her we use to take her outside. She has various spots in the garden she likes to be while we are outside. This is her spot at th top of th garden. I tried to get her and the dogs used to one another but the success has been limited alas The dogs are fine with her, Queeny on the other hand likes to dive bomb and peck at them. Jez in the picture there often gets pecked at, even through the bars of the cage!!! Queeny keeps landing on Jez's nose and pecks at her. Jez just looks at me, sighs and starts to lick Queeny!! The dogs and Queeny are never left un attended though, we have to think of the dogs safety :roll: Oh and she loves to attend the BBQ, she gets bits and bobs from it which she enjoys. Her spot is by the table under the heater. In this pic we just lit the BBQ. I like th flames reflected in her food and water dish She also loves to dance along to the music Not sure how to link a video so here is both a direct link and a pic link http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u53/harllequin/Pets/?action=view&current=IMG_0579.mp4 http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u53/harllequin/Pets/?action=view&current=IMG_0579.mp4 I have to be very carefull while eating anything though when she is around as anything I have she must have too!!!! Even my beer. She is allowed one little taste once in a blue moon, but she will ge to extreme posturing to get at it. I though this was a safe level so didn't cover my cider. I was wrong!!!!!
  6. It is brilliant fun when you make progress. I'm shocked at how much of a snowball effect there is once they start to get used too / trust you
  7. Rather than keep using the when to let her out the cage post I thought I best start a topic here where it should be to show updates Today we made her a play area We placed it next to her cage for an hour or so once we had finished it, then just before we let her out we placed it on top of her cage, no hesitation she was straight up there to play!! She still loves those beans too!!!
  8. Well guys time for another update. 2 days short of our 3rd week with Queeny and she is doing great!!! Today while feeding her some orange in the cage she took a step onto my finger and let me stroke her foot and brush against her chest with my finger. Tonight we bit the bullet and gave her a go with the cage door open, I went and selected a suitable branch as a stepping stone to the outside world and armed with green beans Chelle and I gave it a go getting her out onto the branch. It didn't take long until she wanted to come see us. I braved her first and got a good few nips for my trouble but it was worth it. I swapped places from being in the firing line for nips to behind the camera. Chelle took over in the hot seat and tempted her out with the mighty green beans again :wink: Chelle then tempted her a bit further along the branch. In very short order Queeny came right out and started to shred the bean. She then set foot on Chelle's finger and was happy to be lifted from the branch. Queeny sat there for ages on Chelle and then decided to stretch her wings a bit, she eventually perched on the external filter tube for the fish tank so I went over and she happily jumped onto my finger and got a ride back to her cage. Now the thing is I thought she would be ok with me as I've spent all week with her and my hand in her cage while Chelle has been away with work, turns out she is just as happy and comfortable with both of us, a must unexpected pleasure!!!!
  9. Just a little update on Queeny. We are able to put our hand in the cage no problem now and she is happy to ome to us in the cage to take food from us. Today while holding some orange for he she even let me rub her foot a few times :wink: I think a few more weks and we might have a chance at getting her finger trained. Still keeping it slow though. I wasn't being serious about the husky hair, it was just a daft comment about how much there was of it kicking about since Blue is casting his coat :oops:
  10. Thank you for all the advice. We already knew about how birds view their cages but the advice on how to approach the area in questing is brilliant thanks. The budgies we always had finger trained before we let them out. It was more the hand phobia that the larger flappy fellows have that had me worried. Queeny is now taking food from us with our hand inside the cage so I think we might stick with working towards the hand training. Mind you I really like the idea of letting her out late at night and dimming the lights to get her back!! Brilliant she won't know it was us haha As for the roosting box I've not seen info on that, is is just a windowless box? What size should it be and does it need any bedding in it? We have an abundance of husky hair right now with Blue going through a moult
  11. Hi guys. I've been looking into when it's best to let your Conure out of the cage for the first time. With our old Budgies I never let them out until they were happy to sit on my finger in the cage, reading posts on here though it seems that some birds are never happy to do that, however they will settle them selves you on your arms shoulder etc. So that being said how soon / how do you know when it is the right time to let the little fella get a good wing stretch? Queeny has been with us 6 days now and I really don’t want her to think the cage is all she will have access too. Thank you in advance guys
  12. Hi there guys. I've posted 2 pics in my intro thread but cant see the pics I've posted. On checking there are other threads which indicate pictures that I cant see. While there are one or two that I can, most strange. I've hit F5 and although it refreshed the page, no pics are showing. I checked my particular post and the link is still in place. Any hints as to how I can fix this would be great. Thank you in advanve guys Darren
  13. Hi there guys. The better half and I have finally got around to moving house and decided it was time for another bird again. We had Budgies in the past but wanted a Cockatiel so were keeping our eye out for a breeder. We went into the local pet shop and the had a lovely little bird there which I was not sure what it was. Turns out it was a Conure. It was way out of our price range so left it at that. While playing Everquest 2 we got chatting to one of our friends over the pond and it turned out she also had Conures, so we got chatting and a lot of typo's soon became apparent that the birds sat with, on, over her while she played. Anyway we set to finding a Conure and last Saturday went to see a nice chap in Lancaster called Steve and came away with a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure He had not sexed the bird so we flipped a coin and decided it was a hen, that and the way it bit him when he caught it from the cage So now we have Queeny. This is her looking a bit timid on her first day. She was not had reared so we have taken it slow with her. On her 3rd day however she started to take fruit from us from the bars, I can put my hand in the cage to change water and seed etc and 3 out of 10 times she just sits there. I tried to give her some fruit from inside the cage but she just sat in her spot up top and glared at me. I got the message Anyway today she is starting to come right up to the bars now and take very small bits of fruit. This is a great site with loads of good reading on it, I've been banking up questions that once I cant find the answers I'll be bombarding you guys on here Cheers Darren
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