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  1. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Caron: The link you sent was very interesting, thank you for that. It rang many bells particularly the dark corners (which we've blocked where we can) and the newspaper shredding. We've always used newspaper for the bottom tray of their cages (the seed catcher bottom not the cage bottom if that makes sense) and she can often be found in that tray digging around and scratching it up. She and Charlie our male Goffin live together (separate cages) in our conservatory which is heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. They are out of their cages all day from 7 - 7, have toys in their cages and my husband made a big play stand for them which they use a lot. They both have fresh food every day, seed as a treat a couple of times a week and pellets always in their bowls. They get along very well, and before she was confined to barracks have been very affectionate with each other, preening and rubbing. I'm sure this doesn't help the situation at all but we can't separate them as we have nowhere else they can go. I can change her food and the times she's covered, she's never had boxes to play in. We can also eliminate the newspaper. Other than that I'm not sure what else we can do but I'll give it a go. She's always been the easier bird of the two, more placid and easygoing than Charlie, and rehoming really would be the last resort, but I'm so tired of being attacked and bitten when I attempt to interact with her.
  2. Hi, Our 8yr old female Vos Lola needs to be rehomed. She was always a loving bird with me, we had no issues with her at all. She lives in the conservatory with her friend Charlie, a Goffin, but was out all day and put to bed at night. Over the last 6m or so she's become increasingly aggressive and territorial, resulting in us being attacked entering the room. We're at our wits end with her and reluctantly she's been in her cage for the last two weeks as frankly, she's too dangerous to have loose. She started by trying to bite our feet when we opened the door to go in, but I could pick her up and put her in her cage without issue. It then progressed to biting my fingers when I got close to her cage with her on my hand, to attacking my hands when she went to step up. I never grabbed her, always waited for her to step up onto my hand. We only have to walk by her cage now and she lunges and strikes, opening her door and feeding her the fresh food she has is a nightmare. We can't interact with her in any way without her being aggressive. I go up to her in the cage to talk to her and her eyes flash, and she strikes out at the bars. I'm baffled at this change, we've always been sweet and loving with her, nothing had changed in the way we took care of her. My husband has just come out of hospital with heart issues and just doesn't need the stress. She's miserable in her cage and we feel terrible for having to confine her, so we've come to the conclusion that a new home is the best thing for everyone. I did contact a charity on the internet called Birdline, they promised to find a home but that was 2 months ago and we've heard nothing. If someone can help to find her a new home, maybe even in an aviary if she'd be happier, we'd be very grateful. We live in Bucks. Thank you. Diane
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