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  1. thanks for the links very interesting reading but still think after my experiance with our sunshine its a thing wont have done to my birds but seams to be a very discused subject
  2. watched it to day at the pics with my little girl funny good kidds film 3d not bad think it will do well just hope it does not prompt parents to buy parrots because of the film and when the novalty over more unwanted birds for sale
  3. thanks i was it made me sick when she first raised her wing and nearly cryed when i saw how much effort it took for her to fly and when she did it was less than two feet she is managing to fly from cage to curtain pole and curtain pole to perch and stand so she is dong a lot better allso the blood marks on her wings are going now i feel that wing clipping is not good like taking a toddlers legs before he can walk but i am a noob and know from what i have read on the net that its practiced alot in the states it would be interesting to know how many others feel as i do or how many think it is benificial when done by a vet .
  4. your probs not wrong there she had blood marks under her wings where it looked lke he had clipped her wings wrong here is a link so you can see http://www.flickr.com/photos/supernaturalswift/5562514464/in/photostream i thnk you will agree she looks a lot better than when i first got her i dont think she had had decent food as its taken me ages to get her on fruit and veg and shes on harrisons pellets as well now im not a lover of clipping wings
  5. great mine is the indian confusion over thanks very much are yours senegals had a look at your pics look nice
  6. a breeder in smethwick he has adverts on most the sites on the net e.g( gumtree and birds for sale uk ) http://www.freeads.co.uk/birmingham/pets/birds/parrots/9682125/baby-ringneck-parrots-x3-close-rung-with-hatching-certificate/view ^^this is a link to some the guy is selling now^^allso had a great chat with lawson today on the phone and was very impressed so will be making a visit very soon to have a look when im ready to get my new parrot i think this time it will be a whole new kettle of fish going to a decent breeder i just wish i had found this site before we got sunshine not that i could be with out her she is here forever
  7. i now know the score and when i buy my parrot will be a lot more in the know but she s my first venture into pet birds when i was younger we had quails and bantoms in an aviary but no pet birds so was it seams had in . i will be lookng to get a baby hand reared parrot n the next few months but will be doing a lot of looking round this time and would want to see parents this site has told me so much n the short time have been a member i have not decided what type of bird i want yet a grey a amazon or eclectus so will look at more than one and ask many questions
  8. here is a link so you can look at sunshine http://www.flickr.com/photos/supernaturalswift/sets/72157626531745348/
  9. yes yellow indian ringneck but on the defra list on the forsale secton it lists ring neck will post pic in a mo
  10. I got sunshine about 3 months ago and is a big part of our family and has prompted me to want another bird ie a parrot this has brought me to this great site .While lookng through the forums i found the post about defra and found out that sunshine should have had paper work ths is where the story starts i am worryed now does this mean that she can be taken away or we can be fined . The breeder was an asian guy found on the net anyway i rang him and he told us to come in an hour this we did but when we turned up he told us to wait for 10 mins in the car while he got a selection of birds out as he did not let anyone see his collection . This should have made me suspitious but this was all new to me anyway he brought out 6 birds in two cages and told me that these where all hand reared babys at least this i know was not true as 3 of them had rings around the neck so those where out of the queston .I picked a lovely yellow one witch im sure had a ring on its leg he said pay me now and he would box her up this i did and was told again to wait in the car he came out with the bird and the so called papers n an envalope so off home we went to put her in her new cage .When we released her in to her new cage i notced she had no ring i rang him and he said it must have droped of in the box so i looked no ring and when i looked on the paper work it was a printed pic of some one elses bird advertising on the net with date of birth on number and sex with only the date of bith on so rang him again and he put the phone down on me my wife would not let me go down again as i may lose my temper and thought we would not get anywhere with this man . My qyestion is this a pronlem as we all love her and is part of our clan now and would hate to lose her.
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