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  1. Hi guys, just to let you no pingus doing well, hel be ready to fly the nest soon lol its strange having pingu pottering around on the floor, hes wing seems to be getting better! and guys thanx again for your kind words and support x I took my mums parrot ben to the vets to get her micro chipped and ive made loads of copys of her code and put them in different places and even given some to close family and friends just incase my mum looses them at least we will have some one whos kept the code safe! Weve learnt the hard way!! i do keep an eye out on the websites to see if theres been any sightings or found greys, but again its going to be thr ring number issue again n again unless of corse its some one kind as Dawn who will be willing to let us see the parrot and talk to us before assuming things!
  2. Hey dawn your trying your best to locate the owners, ive seen that for myself and your giving the bird so much love, I think its just going to take time, and I no thats really going to be hard for you to and the bird as hes getting so use to you and the family. Im sure by now the owners would have rang the rspca or seen your adverts, and the more posters you put up you will get random callers like you did the day we were at yours! What an awful situation to be in, my heart goes out to you, soon you will have to give him a name, doesnt get any easier. But one thing for sure the bird seems at home and happy with you and I do think you both deserve to be happy maybe its time just to concentrate on the birds well being and give him a home for good and settle him down and if the owners do locate him they might see how happy he is and be happy to leave him in a settled home. But i no how you must be feeling because you and me both no how upset and worrid the owners must be but you have tried everything to locate the owners and are still finding your alfy so im sure if the owners did turn up one day thay would understand huny x
  3. Hi rubytoo ive left you a personal message with the details, you will hopefully understand why I feel so down after you read my message. The good news is my sons out of hospital and back home, hes found an injured pigeion on our drive and is very busy looking after him lol it keeps him busy as hes off school till he fully recovers. Hes made a nest for him/her and even named the bird pingu, hopefully pingu will be well enough to fly soon! weve put new bird feeders and a bird box out (painted by the kids in memory of mittu), my kids go out and fill the feeders with food and watch the birds fly down from the trees and belive our mittu is out there and has made lots of friends like hes injured pal pingu and all the the other birds that come to our garden! ill just leave my kids with that happy thought in their hearts x (deep down ill always hope and pray mittu comes back but i very much doubt it) love and miss you mittu goodbye is a word you use to hate, ill see you later is what you use to say, always made me smile x i just hope your happy and if somebody out there has found you i do hope you are getting the love you deserve x
  4. Hi kerry, huny i did leave u a pm i dnt no y you didnt get it, my mobile numbers on my details just give me a txt or your number and ill txt you the details. And its not easy giving up but I really dont think mittus coming back, so theres no point giving false hope to the kids, my little ones not to well so im just so busy with him at the moment. So running back and forth on school runs, home, hospital and work im just knackerd and just havent got the energy to go out and search for mittu. It breaks my heart every time I think about him, I have tried my best to find him but failed. I do keep an eye out when I go to walk the dogs but to be honest I dnt think theres going to be a happy ending, even if your on the lost and found register with out the ring number your just frowed upon as looking for a free bird (well thats how I felt like when I rang up to ask about an african grey found in my area) and to be honest as much as I want mittu back I dont want to feel like that, hel always be in my heart and I will miss him loads and theres not a day thats gone by where I havnt gone out and stood next to hes empty cage and rememberd my baby, but I guess theres not much more I can do. I just want to say thank you to everyone who have helped and supported me, all the wonderful, kind people who have left me messges- thank you guys you have been so good to me. And a big thank you to parrot-link for giving me the chance to share my feelings with people who understand how its feels to loose a featherd friend x
  5. Huny each time I pray and hope we find mittu, you and alfy are always in my thoughts and prayers. I understand how you feel, and i do hope you get some good news soon x its hard but keep trying x
  6. I am at an all time low and feel im not going to get mittu back, because even if he is found I do not have the ring number to prove mittus my bird, with out the ring number i guess theres no hope. Ive not had much luck with finding him, I have had a possible match but its really far after driving down from birmingham, we saw this bird he looks exactly like our mittu, is fine with dogs, just like our mittu, he flew on my partners shoulder and played with hes ear, and had the same ring colour, but unfortunlty the bird did not say anything that mittu use to say while we were there, and even after we left the kind lady whos looking after the bird said he hasnt said any words we have mentioned our mittu use to say, so with out the ring number ill never no if thats mittu or not, my partner thinks thats mittu but im not to sure if he hasnt said any of the kids names or words he use to may be its not mittu and theres no other way of proving it if he is, I do have photo of mittu but guess thats not much to go by. But the bird in question is happy and has a good home, and I guess if that was our bird im sure hed have reconised us or said somthing back! It gets me down so much because my kids really miss mittu, they thought we had found him and even made a welcome home banner, but i guess no ring number no chance of finding mittu. So anyone reading this please please make a note of ring numbers and get your beloved pets microchipped it can happen to anyone. Im just going to tell them that mittus not coming back. I pray that our baby mittu safe and happy, i really do hope some one found him and is giving him the love he deserves.
  7. Hi Evigilo, thank you for that, I will try that may be someone will get in touch. fingers crossed, even if its not mittu at least I will be sure of it!
  8. hi Kerry78, Mittus still out there, could be some possible matches but I need the ring number, This should be a lesson for all of us who seem to think it will never happen to us, I can not belive we lost the ring number details, If I had them at least id no if its my mittu! If I could see the parrot id probly have a better idea, but thats not an option with out the ring number! My shops cost cutters in oldhill. I have left you a p.messge with details, do pop in if your in the area!
  9. Hi, it was the news paper, we have rang and got some details, but unfortuntley there was a mix up and its not our breeder, this breeder is from coventry, we bought our parrot from a breeder in dudley. We have a shop in dudley so we have put up a poster in the window asking for anyone with information of local parrot breeders in the area, hopefully we might get to visit a few of them and get a step closer. I rang our vet, but they have not got a record of the ring number. Ive booked my mums parrot ben to get microchipped on monday, I checked her paper work and put it in a safe place, after whats happen with mittu im not taking any more chances! Hopefully wel find the breeder some how, and get that ring number, and if its not mittu i do hope the birds owner is reunited with him soon.
  10. I bought my african grey from a breeder in dudley area, its been a few years and I do not have the address or correct name, but if I see the breeder I will reconise him! I urgently require some information on my parrots ring number, If anyone nos any breeders from the dudley area can you please let me no. My number is 07778047006 Thank you.
  11. Hi Dawn thank you so much to you and Rita, you were so good to us, we do hope we find that number soon and if it isnt our Mittu then I hope the owner is found, but Im so happy the bird is with you as your doing a great job looking after him. It must really be hard for you searching for your own bird, we no how it feels, its comforting knowing there are kind hearted people out there, you are trying so hard looking for the right owners hopefully it will be a happy ending, and the parrots happy so thats the main thing! (It was a silent journey back home, not knowing is the worst part!) And good luck to you hope your baby finds hes way home soon, we just got to keep trying!! Im online now searching for tony, hes a breeder from dudley, there was an add in the bargin pages posted few weeks ago hes number was in there, but I just dont no how to get intouch. Hopefully he will have some details for us. ( I have sent you a txt hope that helps bring us a step closer) and thnx again x
  12. Hi Dawn its twinkle786, thanx for today, I do hope we can locate that ring number soon to c if we have any luck either way, was a long drive but if he gets back to hes rightfull owner its all worth it end the way x fingers crossed for you to hun hopefully it will be a happy ending and hopfully soon, we got to keep trying and never give up!
  13. Hi rubytoo, thank you for your post, I will try and put somemore posters up, did not have much joy finding out whos removed the posters, I have put posters up in local shops, pet shops and vets. I just think if mittu has flown far out and if some one does have him and are trying to find its owners how will they ever no, I guess its just about luck, I will ring the rspca and local pet shops again. Its heart breaking, as the kids want to come out with me to look and each time the phone rings they think Mittus been found. I havent heard anything since the last sighting. Mittu was seen weeks ago sitting on a bush in someones back garden and thats the last we've heard. I will keep trying but its really hard as Im back at work and kids are back at school. But weekends and evenings I try my best to go out and call hes name but he could be anywer by now. I keep praying for a miricle miss him so much, my little baby out there all alone breaks my heart.
  14. Thanx Evigilo, I havent had any phone calls since the last sighting, I am really loosing hope, and not a day goes by with out rembering Mittu my baby, the house seems so empty. I will keep searching but by now he could be anywer, may be some one might find him and ring one of the vets as they are the only posters that might still be up, all my other posters have been removed.
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