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  1. Some cracking picture there! I love snakes but im not allowed one!!! I was lucky to get a parrot, haha. II did have a bearded dragon a good few years back though!
  2. I think the people who buy these kinds of animals just want to be different from everyone else. Everyone has a dog or a cat, a lot of people have birds, snakes and lizards are a ot more common these days but not many have a tiger in the back garden!! Lol. Any animal can potentially be a "dangerous" animal. Most pets have the ability to hurt their owners in some form. Its not the animal that should be classed as dangerous but perhaps the keeper/owner!
  3. There was a programme on the BBC about 2 weeks ago about the Spix Macaw breeding programme in Loro Parque. Think it was called "miracle babies"
  4. Welcome from a fellow Scot! Where abouts in Gods country are you from?! :wink:
  5. Birds o prey in Fife, and its a mixture of parrots in Oban. http://www.parrotbehaviourconsultant.com
  6. Im in Dundee and you can come and hep me out anytime with my birds!!! Lol. Not sure of any rescue centres though. I think there is a BOP centre in Fife and a Parrot sanctury in the Oban area but perhaps a bit far from you?!?!
  7. Cockatiel would be top of my list too!
  8. Thanks for that but the breeder is in Kirkcaldy. Been on their web page but cant find a contact via email link anywhere!!!! I have reported it to the Fife police, spca and birdtrader.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Im sure you will find all the advice you will ever need on here...............oh, and whats so bad about Rio?!?!?! My B&G Macaw wants to know!!!! :wink: :wink:
  10. Cheers for replies! Will get on to it.
  11. I have came accross a seller of HR Cockatiels and he is offering them early with syringes and formula to "help with the bonding process"! Ive contacted him to tell him this is illegal but he insits it is not. I have threatened to report him but I dont actually know who to report him to!!! All I have is a phone number. Any help greatly appreciated so I can report this man!
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