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  1. Hi all, Just another update for you all. Sadly, dave is still extremely untame despite all my best efforts. Food, treats etc don't work at all with him. If I hold food close to him, he'll stretch to eat it (which he's always done) but wont come anywhere near my hands. He's such a beautiful bird and it's a shame that I can't even pick him up etc. I don't suppose anyone has any last pieces of advice for me to try and help tame him? If not I've got a feeling he's never going to become tame. Either he cant, or doesn't want to. Regards, -a disappointed owner-
  2. Thanks for the reply I'm just a little worried that I'm never going to be able to get him tame the way he is. He's scared to death of hands and won't step anywhere need them, for food or anything. My girlfriend is visiting me next week (shes fairly experienced with parrots / birds) and she suggested maybe clipping his wings. I know its an endless argument but do you think it could help taming him? It'd be a shame as I love seeing him fly (he looks so graceful) but it'd really be nice to have a semi-tame bird. Thanks
  3. Him and the budgie get along just fine together. Sometimes if they get a little too close Dave will give him a bit of a poke with his beak (not a nasty bite, just a 'get away' type thing I think) but I haven't seen or heard them fight yet. They happily follow each other around my room and sleep quite close together. I'm not sure how Dave was brought up, but I assume it was in an aviary type thing (forgive my ignorance, I have no idea on the process pet shops go through to obtain birds!). All the cockatiels they had in there looked of a similar age / colour etc
  4. Hi again all, just one quick question. All the other birds I've owned have had a ring around their leg, but dave doesn't have one. Should he?
  5. Hello all. Just another quick update for you I tried taming Dave using food etc but didn't have much luck as he was simply too scared of me. I decided to place our tame budgie with Dave one day, in the same room, just to see how they would react with each other. Without hesitation they flew towards each other, and have been living together for a few days now! Haven't seen them bicker or fight once yet, although I keep a watchful eye at all times just incase. If dave flies onto the floor, the budgie will follow, and vice versa! I think Dave has seen that I pose no harm to birds (At least I think I don't :shock: ) and I can now gently touch his back, which is great progress Thanks for all your help
  6. Hello everyone. Just a little update for you all. It's been about a week now since I tried to start taming him using food but I've made little to no progress. No mater how hungry he is, or what food I offer he'll refuse to come anyway near me. The minute I open the cage door to place the food in there etc all I get is constant hisses and he'll run as far away as possible. I've tried leaving his cage door open and placing some millet on the open door. He'll happily come out of his cage and stand on the door eating the millet and doesn't seem too bothered if I get close to him, but the minute my hand gets close he panics and runs back in his cage. I've been keeping the 'training' sessions to short 10-15 bursts a couple of times a day but I don't seem to have made any progress from the day I got him
  7. Many thanks for the invaluable advice again, I'll be sure to keep doing short training sessions with him and update you all I'll be keeping the blinds down for the first few times I let him out as I know from other birds I've had in the past, flying into windows seems to be the most interesting part of 'being free' for them.
  8. Many thanks for the advice, I'll give him a go with sweetcorn and peas, I didn't really think about the apples being a bit too big and daunting for him. I'll keep the food in his cage and remove the millet for a few days then try introducing it again to him on my hand and see if he 'takes the bait' and his name is Dave. Odd name I know! It's a bit of a family joke We love him nevertheless! Thanks again
  9. Thanks for the reply He's had a millet spray in there for a few days and he finished it off today, so I feel he's getting a bit more comfortable in his environment at least. I just cleaned him out and placed my hand in there to get a few things, once again he ran away I left my hand in there for 10-15mintues and eventually he sat on his perch looking at me, but not getting any closer which is okay I guess. I've read about a technique where you remove the birds food for 6 hours or so, then place a bit of seed on your hand, then place your hand in the same spot where the food usually sits. Is this technique a good idea? I'm not sure if removing food for that period of time is wise? Also, is there a risk he'll never be remotely tame? Just getting him to step up onto my finger would be great, I think expecting him to fly towards me and climb all over me would be far too much to ask with him being a completely un-tame bird. However, if I could just slightly tame him then it'd be great so I could let him out, stretch his wings etc. I don't particularly want to let him out for exercise and have to chase him down for 30minutes each evening. Just one more question before I go too Is there any particular fruit cockatiels like? I've seen lists of what they enjoy but I was just wondering if there was any particular food they can't resist I've tried putting apple in his cage, but he wasn't interested. Thanks once again
  10. Hello all. Firstly, I know this is mainly a forum for larger birds but I was hoping for a bit of advice for our new cockatiel. We recently purchased a young male cockatiel, who is extremely timid. We are unsure as to his age at the moment as we can't check the ring on his foot. We have purchased a nice big cage for him so he has more than enough room to stretch etc, as we want the best quality of living for him. To cut a long story short, we were looking at purchasing a larger bird and were looking around a small pet shop who are relocating and selling all their remaining 'stock'. They had some beautiful cockatiels for sale and cages are very competitive rates due to their relocation so that's how we got hold of the bird. We have only had him five days so obviously everything is still very new to him but I'm just a little worried about how timid he is. I haven't done anything with him yet really, haven't touched, picked him up, let him out of the cage etc. However, everytime I go near the cage to change water or food, clean etc he immediately runs as far away as possible and hisses at me until I move away. Over the past few days he's stopped running away so I've tried just placing my hand in the cage and holding it there for a few minutes to try and show him that I pose no threat, however he just starts flapping and running to the top or bottom of the cage when I do so. Does anyone have any advice on things I can try to do? From what I've read, food seems to be the way to win his trust but he doesn't seem that interested in his food at all since we've bought him, at least not when I'm in the room. Maybe I'm just being a bit too impatient? Kind regards, 750XL
  11. Hello everyone. Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away for a week or so without internet access so couldn't visit parrot-link. Thank you for your kind comments, suggestions and advice about which type of bird I should choose. I will definitely be looking into all the different types, purchasing books and so on. I'm definitely going to look into rehoused birds but would also like to keep my options open. Would anybody be able to recommend a reputable parrot breeder in the North West? Secondly, is there any sort of rough price I should be looking at spending for a bird cage? Thanks once again
  12. Once again, thank you for the detailed replies. While African Greys do appeal to me, so does the thought of having one of the smaller and easier species. As David said, financially it could be a little cheaper getting one of the smaller species compared to a Grey. Cockatoos and Macaws are stunning birds, but not something I would consider due to the size and amount of attention they require. Fuzz: Kobe looks like a really beautiful bird! I've just done a quick google on the Pionus species (I've never heard of them before, whoops!) and they seem really nice. From what I've ready they seem a little more laid back and less energetic? Once again, thank you for all your help. The last thing I want to do is spend money on a parrot which isn't suited to my lifestyle and affect the parrots quality of life
  13. Thanks for the replies. As much as I would love an African Grey and even though I do believe I can give the bird the time and attention it requires, I do feel very hesitant about getting one as a first bird. I think some of the smaller and more independent birds might be a better choose for me, especially if they're a little easier to look after. Any pros/cons about any types would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello everybody. This is my first post so please be gentle. I've finally saved up the funds and decided that the time is right to get our first parrot. I've googled various websites and searched for advice but I doubt there is any better advice and knowledge available on the web than on here. We've had various pets in the past but at the present moment in time we only have fish which is why we are looking to introduce a parrot to the home, We aren't totally new to the whole 'bird scene' having owned numerous budgies, love birds, finches and cockatiels in a custom built outdoor aviary many years ago, so we at least have some basic knowledge. I was just hoping I could get a few pieces of advice on the type of bird and housing for them. I've always had my heart set on African Greys from a young age, but at the same time I don't want to rush myself into buying one if I don't have sufficient knowledge and know how to look after it properly. From what I've read, African Greys require a huge amount of attention (which in itself would not be a problem) but I am not sure if an African Grey would be too much for a first time large parrot owner? I've had a look at various other types of parrots but I'm not totally sure which one would be suited to a first time parrot owner, if an African Grey is a bit too much for a first time owner. We do not have any young children and rarely have them visit, although on the occasions they do we would most likely keep them away from the bird unless we were 100% sure it was safe to do so. I'm also looking for tips on any particular types of cages that you would recommend. As I'm sure you are all aware, times are though on the old bank account so cost would be a big factor, but at the same time I don't want to compromise on quality or standard of living for the bird(s). In summary, I'm just looking for any sort of advice on what type of bird is suited for a first time owner and recommended cages. Also, if anybody could recommend breeders in the North West it'd be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time
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