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  1. aww, thank you. I have googled it and I think it may take up to 3 weeks, also I am hoping she may lay another couple of eggs!
  2. *******Another personal recommendation. ******* He couldn't of tried harder if it had been his own bird. The care and support he gave to our little conure was the difference between life and death. Our bird was so close to death and I really don't know how he survived, but he did! It was all down to the care and expert advice from Richard. Richard was always available to discuss our birds health and gave us all of the options and had our bird in intensive care for 2 days. It was the first time I had used an avian vet and it was pot luck where I went as I didn't know anywhere. I googled a few and phoned our local vet who game me the number; I hope this helps someone else find the right one.
  3. our happy little cocky's in the aviary So far one egg - How long before it hatches???
  4. He's home He is eating fine and putting on weight, still a little dodgy with the flying but it's so great to see the improvement of him. Thank you all. Scooby.x
  5. little bit of progress; he's eating, putting on weight and may be able to come home tomorrow.! fingers crossed, thanks for all of the kind thoughts.
  6. thank you for all of the nice messages, he's still critical and needs to stay in overnight.
  7. I'm so sad, our conure is very poorly. He is currently at the vets in an incubator, line in to stomach to feed, drip for fluid and antibiotics and minerals... It doesn't look hopeful. We don't know what is wrong or what has caused this but he is too poorly for the tests too. :cry:
  8. No, definately not to sell! I have a lovely brand new aviary both birds are in (on their own) so they can keep the babies, if they have any! We can also enjoy the excitement and experience. We had chickens hatch from eggs last year and still have them. Bakewell, GOOD LUCK please let me know how many eggs you get. scooby.
  9. I think I have a male and a female! The pied is definately male (thanks for the diagram) and I think my grey is a hen... I have a box for them so please keep your fingers crossed for me.
  10. that's so clever. I've not had a parrot who talks before, I asked him to do something and he said no and flew off!
  11. brilliant thanks all. I'll have a look tomorrow. We have one pied and one grey. Thanks.
  12. ahh, thank you.. I knew it was something on the tail.. I will take a look tomorrow. I know the cheeks are supposed to be brighter in the male, these do look the same that is why I thought them both to be female. Fingers crossed I find some different tail feathers tomorrow. Thanks again.
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