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  1. Hi, she has days like yesterday where she is ultra chilled out? I just leave the door open all day and its up to her to come out as such, (i cant get her to step up on me anymore - she runs to back of cage majority of times) She has foraging toys, I put some nice food in there instead of just handing it to her! currently she will not come out of her cage, Im trying to encourage her, (I have a haciena playtop) so yesterday I put a corn on the cob outside the cage instead of instead to persuade her to come out!!! she poked her head out but that was it lol...in time im sure she will get more confident again :)
  2. Hi thanks for the reply she has totally changed with me just before christmas.. she is always a little strange when I get my hair cut as I go to a grade 0 and shes always like "wow whos that type thing" also I have just started to wear glasses, i dont wear them all the times but this may have something to do with her confidence. I suppose shes felt alot of change maybe and just taking time to adjust. the screaming side I will have to work on....just feel sorry for the neigbours lol. - shes been a diamond so far today - I havent heard a peep from her, I was even able to have a little kip before the footy started!!!
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies. I am spraying her every other day to try and help her wings grow back, NEVER AGAIN WILL I CLIP. Some background on the situation... I have to admit she did get more attention when she was baby (big big mistake which now I have learnt) She has always been loud she’s a too so I expect that and it doesn’t bother me it’s just the constant nonstop screaming that abit ott. She will sit on her stand and just stare at us and scream....if I was to talk to her she would be quite but the second I stopped she would scream again. I am trying to encourage her to come out the cage, e.g. today I’m sitting indoor all day with the cage do open just talking softly to her. She screams when we leave the room, goes on from anywhere from 1 minute to 10minutes... I am ignoring her 100% now, not looking at her, talking to her etc while she’s screaming. (I have to admit in the past I never and would sometimes look at her) In Angels defense the only thing that’s saving her skin atm is she’s got a very very good routine at night, the second she’s covered and lights out you will not hear a peep out of her until the morning (other than just talking to herself on a side point I was considering buying that bird tricks DVD to stop screaming but just want to give her some more time ignoring her first. Thanks
  4. Hi All, Im not sure if anyone read my previous post about angel my lesser too.... shes causing me such a big headache atm, following on from my previous post around her wings being clipped and her losing trust in me. I have gain abit of her trust and she does comes to front of her cage and let me stroke her and cuddle etcc. which is fantastic..... one problem is getting better and another gets worse screaming......constant..... This has been a problem with angel from day 1 - its been up and down with her, she has her good days and her bad days lol. but currently shes screaming sooo much, I am doing everything possible to help her. I 100% ignore her while shes screaming and only give her attention once she has stopped, she has loads of chewable toys to take her attention - she has a good diet with hardly any junk - fresh fruit,vegs,pulse etc.. I am getting to the end of my wits with her, I love her soo much and her little wistles and her talking "what you doing" make my heart melt but my god she is pushing me too far now? I have already considered re-homing her but its something I want to avoid at all costs but there is only so long I can cope with this happening. Shes coming up to 2 years old now, we have had her since she was a baby! Does anyone have any special experience or tips to help me in this stressful time? I want to be her owner for the rest of my life but I'm starting to question if I will ever solve this behaviour issue? Thanks
  5. Hi all, yes shes lovely, I know the cage is massive, I am getting the Montana Castel Play Top Parrot Cage, its a little bit smaller but not much smaller - i want something with a playtop on it you see. The stand I bought of ebay, shes loves it and as you can see not much bark left on it lol. re rubytoo, yes that is like a rubber toy, to be honest she doesnt use it, I have taken it out of the cage now, I have a massive bag of toys that I just rotate to keep her interested. Where I bought it from ummm, it was a small pet shop on the wirral I got that one from. Thanks - i will upload some more pictures soon, those pictures are from about a year ago, got alot more new ones now! :)
  6. Hi all, I have posted on the parrot care re angel my LSC. Was asked for some pictures so I have uploaded some - see photobucket link. Shes coming up to her 2nd birthday in may. shes ace, very hard work, as everyone says researching parrots is the best thing before getting one. I did a quite abit of research on parrots and was torn between a cocktoo and macaw. The story with angel was we went to see a macaw and she was in house at the same time (breeders house) and I instantly fell in love with her and took her there and then! But my god shes a damn hand full but makes up for it when shes all snuggled up talking to herself. http://s1107.photobucket.com/albums/h391/ojt1/ =) thanks owen
  7. thanks for all the advice, im just going to continue spraying her every other day which she loves. Her name is angel . I will just take my time with her and take it slow - I can tell shes missing the cuddles as she will she "sometimes" run over and ask for cuddles but if i open cage door she will run. so will just take my time. In regards to her clip, she can still glide downwards so does not just drop as such, the first clip she had was on one wing but this time shes just had a few primaries cut on both sides leaving the last 2/3 primaries on both. Thanks all , ive learnt my mistake and will never get her clipped again as not worth her being scared!!
  8. Yep i agree, I feel gutted now. really miss her cuddles, will just have to take my time and hope I can build up some trust with her now. Im buying her a new cage with play top gym with new toys. Hope this will help aswell, this way I can I just leave the door of cage open and leave her to come out on her own. Thanks for the replies
  9. Yes she was, she was loving it, I felt abit harsh getting her wings clipped again as she enjoyed flying around(after her wings grew back from clipped first time), but the problem was we have cats in the house aswell and even though I dont always agree with clipping it was something I had to do. She was near impossible to control when flying as shes a stubborn little girl and would fly to the higest place and just sit off and smile at us I regret it now though if thats the root cause.
  10. Yep I understand that, only thing that is strange is last time they were clipped she was fine with no issues?
  11. Hi all, im new to the forum but have been a lurker for a ages. Was just wondering anyone would have any idea in my cockatoos change in behaviour. shes a lesser sulpher, less than 2 years old. used to be cudly,loving, always want to be out of cage. never bit anyone ever. tame as can be. now all of sudden if i try getting her out of the cage shes goes mental to get away from & my partner. not wanting to bite us but more running away and flapping wings asif shes scared of me. its really strange and it has upset me abit as im missing cuddling and having a decent close handling with her. only thing I can think it could be was when she had a wings cuts before xmas (these are cut from the same breeder I bought her from who is really helpful) but last time her wings we clipped she never acted like this so I dont know? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks
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