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  1. LaurelFeatherCat I am sure that all people agree with you, we have no right to assume any two birds are the same any more than my two dogs, two cats (which to be honest there isnt much in it with these two), horses and my children, brought up in the same way will be the same, but i have to write an honest account of what it is like to cater for these sometimes demanding pets, honestly how my own expectations when purchasing my new parrot were pretty much spawned from what i read on the internet, after reading the many stereotypes and old wives tales which are circulating and creating what can only be described as skew versions of the truth, I have discovered myself that some do seem to hold water ie. the fact that some male amazons can be agressive at mating season and a pussycat at other times, Ive seen it first hand. Doesnt mean that he will like oranges when another one will. Personally I had expected my first parrot to be exactly what my second parrot appears to be based on what I had read, so I felt it necessary to illustrate from my point of view how they differ, how i feel about it and then if someone reads this who is thinking about owning a parrot , they can see what kind of things go on in our house, not speculation or "myths" that sometimes we get exposed to about these creatures. So for instance todays blog was going to be about how Jay will nip me on the errrrr "chest" i think that is appropriate to describe the affected area before the watershed and likes to nip my husband on the right ear only, Bo has never bitten or nipped in comparison, we have now found a use for the endless fast food flyers which grace the doormat weekly, Jay likes to shred these while screeching at the top of her voice having the time of her life. Bobs will happily sit and watch but never wants to join in. Sure I had my fair share of expectations like i did when i had children, i expected them to love me, be cute, wake up at night and spill things on my carpet, most children do this but this is not to say they are not INDIVIDUAL. This is my point, they ARE all individuals so just that someone says on the net or in a book that an african grey is the perfect mix of brains and beauty, are excellent talkers, become one person birds or make great pets, reading accounts like my own can show in real terms yes they are individual, yes one is a good talker but hey guess what the other is useless but we love her all the same, one likes a shower the other seems to learn anything like magic. re the shower issue, we have a very large shower head which i bought especially as the mist and steam helps my asthma, i have tried with the mist spray but she just takes time to get to like anything new. The aviator is a prime example, i have found modifying some of the desensitisation techniques i have used for training horses are working so i will plod on with that Rubytoo, in the outdoor in the summer bobbs and the gang love it when you have the garden hose arcing through the enclosure, they fly and bob in and out in a frenzy, when the weather warms up Im hoping Jay will join in the furore, she certainly gets excited when there is alot going on! x
  2. my baby CAG Jay is already using meaningful speach which quite frankly knocked me for 6, she says UP when she wants to come out, yesterday i put her on the bathroom door while i put my young son in the bath, she must have got fed up being on there and she said "up" i turned round to look at her and she was leaning right down trying to reach out to me, so i got her on my hand and said "up" and i said up back and she made it clear she wanted to be on my shoulder. Its amazing she is telling me what she wants at only 14 weeks of age, our other grey has never done that.
  3. yeah reservoir dogs has to be my favorite film of his I have to admit, but the man is just insufferable.
  4. Well he has got to that age where he has turned into a fuddy duddy! Not sure he was ever cool im sure it was more the scenario where genius is frequently used as an excuse to produce poor confusing movies, this just shows the eccentric behaviour and bizaar films is just a result of trying to be clever but failing miserably! he is proving he is not the genius he thinks he is, mozart would have found a symphony in the macaw song! Perhaps someone should Mr Pink Him a la reservoir dogs, ear removal can be the only way forward for tarantino!
  5. So Jay-lo is a girl, such different characters! Jay is now pooping on the tissue provided with the occaisional mishap but she is really trying, she is now saying her versions of @yum Yum@ wolf whistles, does kissy noises and says hello and pretty boy, which we are trying to change to pretty GIRL! She has amazed me as I have been told over and over that the males make better talkers, especially since bobulon doesnt really say much. the hills are alive with the sound of congo music now! I have introduced jay to the shower, she doesnt like it much yet but will stay under for about 5 seconds, so thats a start! she goes nut to share whatever food you may have!!
  6. ahhh thats so sweet i wonder whether jaygirl will imitate our rather vocal cat, bobbs never has.
  7. we now have miss prissy pants and a wild child to balance the books!
  8. Im okay, Im okay!!! LOL! (dusts herself off) one is the little girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead! butter wouldnt melt in the other ones mouth! LOL!
  9. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! Jay is now DNA'd and is FEMALE!!!! Faint! LOL!
  10. Id like to see them prove what a pteradactyl sounds like, hardly a sensible comparison. a recent quote of tarantinos On media criticisms of violence in his movies: "Sure, Kill Bill's a violent movie. But it's a Tarantino movie. You don't go to see Metallica and ask them to turn the music down." ANYMORE THAN YOU LIVE NEXT TO MACAWS AND ASK THEM TO TURN THE PARROTS DOWN! Maybe I should sue for the hour and a half of my life I want back after suffering his Pulp Fiction "film"! THAT was completely unbearable, ive seen it, I cant unsee it! He should be inspired, oh no sorry Hitchcock got there first! A remake perhaps Mr Tarantino,
  11. We sure do! I gave up after my last horse was put to sleep (old age/cushings/colic) Im 34 by the way and looking after the horse was making me feel 80 some days I am glad of the rest but never say never about having another, im sure when another ex racer bound for slaughter/neglect case comes my way I will be straight in there! LOL! No its fine Rubytoo its stupid phobia anyway Im sure I could get over it in a heartbeat if a friends male amazon didnt treat visitors like prowling wild cats! He flashes those eyes and it seems to re-inforce my feelings, although when not in a hormonal rage he is aparently a kitten, although i just dont trust him! He is the only green parrot I know as well so its not as if I know lots of people with the odd sennie or ammy i can get to know. I feel the same around senegals, ringnecks/alexandrines/amazons and conures. I met a male Ekkie once in a pet shop and he was a total sweetie even with his what seemed like a giant beak he was just such a cuddle monkey, fell in love with him straight away! So actually its more a fear of dark green parrot, even more specific when i think about it! I need to handle a baby ammie! Im such a wuss!
  12. Thanks Rubytoo, You know, I was in horses for 18 years and if I had a pound for every time myself or a friend has had to call the RSPCA about a horse or pony who's owner had no clue how to look after it, couldnt afford to feed it or couldnt be botherd getting up before lunch to let it out, feed it or water it I would be rich, most of it is physical neglect with horses, what I have seen with parrots is more mental and emotional and much more difficult to deal with, just made me more aware of how birds can end up and its horribly sad, you sound like you are doing a sterling job with yours, I always say i will take on a second hand parrot when the children are a little bigger, I have plenty of second hand parakeets in my aviary, hate to turn any away. Sorry about my greeny phobia! LOL! I got bitten by a yellow bellied senegal when I was about 15, it started that I just couldnt take to green parrots, then didnt like them then just became irrationally phobic, although weirdly it doesnt apply to green budgies! LOL! I think its an emotive arguement and alot of people on this forum should be commended for their excellent bird husbandry, rescues and help they give to others.
  13. Oh dear, well I am glad people are supportive of people keeping birds, and rearing them well for pets, I have only ever had hand reared birds of any species as pets and never had a problem up til now but did have a parent reared budgie who i ended up putting in the aviary as she was miserable being a pet. I wonder about my second, he is outgoing and rambunctious but was the only chick in the clutch to hatch and was thus reared alone but there were other parrots in the same room to speak to and see so not completely devoid of bird contact. he has lots of out time - which is most of the time and lots of toys, seems very happy - at the moment at least. I hope no one thinks I was Greg bashing (especially Greg!) It must be heartbreaking to see peoples birds in such dire need of help so I can appreciate that if people didnt keep them or rear them right none of it would happen, Greg made me think what if I am wrong about my pet birds, no I wouldnt have them put down unless possible they were mutilating and depressed, suffering mentally is the worst thing ever. I think its a matter of commitment, stimulation, training, diet and socialisation, this has seemed to work for me and my birds so far. I never not leave them either, I leave them alone at various times of the day, no routine really just a varied day each day. They know we go, they know we come back and they know when we are back they are out doing things they like. It did distress me to see that bird, I actually cried for him, and I hope it did serve to put those off who dont have the commitment in them, at least it would have saved one from torment. I still have the programme on sky and the comments re rearing were not cockatoo specific i just checked and more refer to the keeping of such intelligent creatures. I know Cockatoos are more likely to suffer metally in capitvity, mostly I have learnt that from this website and I would never specifically seek to own one, my own greys seem well adjusted happy birds, love my company and I hope it stays that way for them.
  14. Jay had a right fit when I came in from the shops today you could tell he was very excited, bobbs looked on and possibly rolled her eyes at him, he has trried a wallnut, some citrus fruits and abit of a cuppa tea today and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it all. They are on top of their cages preening, might put them in the outdoor to give them some fresh air and sunshine!
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