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  1. HI TROY our is female not sure on the other 1 yet
  2. Hi Pippy jut to let you no weve got some of them bowls and our grey luvs bathing in it quite often so dont worry they will soon start to bathe in it
  3. hi Greg thanx for that ive seen the m2 a couple of times and seems to be tame very weary of strangers/the environment it it is in, but says hello and comes to the front of the cage to be stroked and puts his foot through cage to step up i presume, and calls you back for a fuss, you know that adorable Too shout lol. I just thought i would ask, i obviously would not attempt this for a long time anyway, as the M2 needs time to settle in, and show any traits it may have. We are not sure if we are going to get it get, and if we do, we have have got a separate cage for the M2. Thank you for your advice
  4. hi all just wondering weather a moluccan and a u2 will get on together or will they fight ours the u2 is just abt 2 yrs old and the mol is 23 yrs old
  5. That is EXCELLENT news Marc, we are sooooo pleased for you and Ziggy, i bet she ate loads when she got back, just like Armani did WOOOHOOO!!!!! Love happy news
  6. OMG!!! i am so glad that George is ok....looking at the picture i would never imagined it could be so dangerous, and as others have said please forgive yourself, you like us introduce new toys when it is out of cage time just to be sure, how could you know it was so dangerous, at least you care enough to let us all know, and a HUGE thank you for that.
  7. Thank you every one for your replies and clearing up my confusion, it looks like my parrots will be saying yum yum before long lol. Thanks again
  8. Hi clareg22 As other people have said, as long as he has perches in his crate/travel cage, with food and water then Mackie should be fine. I would definitely keep him with you though, fumes, noise etc. with you not around it may stress him out a lot more than if he is with you. Good luck with the move
  9. Hi all I am a little confused about what i am reading about this plant and it's berries, as i have Pyrocanthia bushes growing in my garden. :?: The reason i am confused as it says the "plant is poisonous" and comes on every list i look at, but when i look up the berries it says the "berries are not poisonous against popular belief that they are". ](*,) But i cannot find anything about Pyrocanthia berries and parrots, so does anyone know if parrots can eat these or not, i alsoi found out make Pyrocanthia jelly (yummy? lol) :shock: Thank you for any advice you can offer about this subject
  10. sorry to hear of your lost macaw i do hope you get him back soon i no how your feeling we lost our grey but luckly we got her back 2 days later
  11. hiya sunnie we live in the high wycombe area is the hahns macaw tame we already have a cockatoo,b&g macaw,cag as they are handled daily
  12. greg glendall will do his best to help he helped us out when we had our cockatoo imped and she is doing really well she trys to fly now new feathers cuming through as well which is protecting the new 1s we now are starting to save all feathers so we can pass them on to other people that has been put in our situation ware sum1 needs feathers.
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