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  1. awww thats great! it was only a couple of weeks ago ours did the same, its the most amazing feeling in the world! :-)
  2. so more than usual olly has been wanting me to stroke his neck....ive since googled his strange symptoms and realise that its these "pin feathers".....as he doesnt trust me enough just yet, do i just leave him or take him to a vet? or will it be somethin he sorts on his own? ive been spraying him with water twice a day but is there anything more i can do?
  3. well i have 2 children aged nearly 3 and 5 and they have ditched my sofas completely lol...and i always have baby wipes at hand but when i do finally get new sofas, i will definately take your advice!! thanx x
  4. hi guys, thank you all for your support...im feeling much better now (think i was just having a bad day!).....after thursday i decided to brush myself off and start again...and on friday afternoon he came out of his cage for 2 hours...yay...he was pooping all over my sofas but im not bothered lol....feels like were turning a corner now and my little wobble is over :-) thanx again x
  5. down in the dumps....but think its my own fault.....i was doing really well with olly and he came out of his cage a couple of weeks ago as some of you will know and it was great!!....since then we went over to a tropical bird place to see all the different parrots and i got bit....qiute nastily!!.....so today we went back to try and get a bit of confidence back....and i got attacked by 3 birds that were trying to steal my wedding ring!!...i am now feeling pretty rubbish as olly came out of his cage again this evening and when i put my hand out he made his nasty noise at me and i drew away.....have i ruined my chances with olly due to going to this place to get confidence?? im feelin rubbish tonight :-(
  6. haha yes hes still sayin sshhhh.... and yes when he flew on me...he did a number haha....but im still absolutlely besotted with him!! x
  7. Just wanted to share with everyone how we got a 5 yr old OWA 3 months ago....and he finally came out out of his cage last night for the first time and flew onto my shoulder!!.....i dont know if this might not mean much to you guys but we are absolutely over the moon!!!....finally we are making some real progress :-)
  8. already discovering how funny he is!! today i told him to sssshhhh for the first time and he told me to ssshhh back then completely lowered his tone...amazing!!whoever had him b4 us certainly did something good lol
  9. Thank you everyone for your support!! Hes an orange-winged amazon called olly!.....and i will take some pics tomorrow x x
  10. hi, im nikki! im married with 2 small children and just wanted to introduce myself to this place, my husband has always wanted a parrot and my daughter started asking for a bird so i did some research and we recently purchased a 5yr old amazon parrot that we have all fallen in love with. i reseached all the dangerous things and feel that we have things under control...im gaining his trust slowly and i want him to be a part of our family for as long as he lives......im not really writing this for advise at the moment but want to let u all know that i am very dedicated((ive read pervious posts about ppl buying parrots when they know nothing about them)) and that if i do have any questions...i will have some help??...much appreciated x
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