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  1. Odin isn't actually clipped. Since the day I brought him home we have been doing flight training and he has excellent recall. I wouldn't ever clip a bird's wings unless it was necessary for their own well-being. I know the risks of having clipped birds and that they have less chance of survival or being retrieved if they were to escape, and I also feel that being able to fly outside is extremely enriching for all birds. I also know there is a risk of him flying away if he was to spook, but like all owners who choose to participate in free-flight, I feel that the benefits outweigh the risks. Thank you for your concern though, guys.
  2. Today I brought home a second bird (I can finally say I have a flock now!). She's a blue-fronted amazon, and will hopefully keep Odin company when I'm busy. For updates on both my babies visit my tumblr blog =]
  3. Hybrids can actually occur naturally in the wild (eg. Corellas and Galahs have been known to pair up in the wild), and "hybrids" are how all domestic species of cats and dogs have been achieved. I don't think hybrids are wrong, in fact it means less inbreeding is likely. If you look at pure breed dogs and cats, they are often mated to relations (cousins, parents, grandparents etc). This leads to genetic and inherited problems increased and worsened. Do we really want the same to happen to parrots? Inbreeding and genetic problems?
  4. Fingers crossed I'll be getting the new girl tomorrow!!
  5. Haha, I do expect surprises, I'm just hoping they will be the kind that benefit everyone involved!
  6. Thanks for the advice Blee1 I know about quarantine and introduction procedures =]
  7. I currently have a male YCA, who's almost a year old. I've always wanted to have a large flock, and have been looking into getting a second bird for a while now, so that Odyssius has someone to talk to when I'm not around (he loves chatting to my boyfriend's lorikeet). I now have the opportunity to take on an 18 month old female BFA. I met her a couple of days ago, and I was instantly in love. She stepped up happily for me, and was chattering away, all fluffed up and happy. She is the only amazon I've met that didn't have any sign of being a one-person bird and of being genuinely excited by new people (rather than just politely stepping-up). I'm just concerned about having a male and female amazon. I don't want them to breed, and they won't be housed in the same cage (I am also prepared for the possibility of them not getting along) but my main worry is that they may want to mate - which will increase any hormonal problems tenfold... Anyone owned two of these birds at once? Any advice?
  8. I'm only 20, so hopefully I will outlive my amazon (not that I want him to have a short life of course!) But I have been thinking lately, what if I were to be in a car crash or something? Before getting him I always thought that if he outlived me I'd have kids by then who could take him on, or would have some money put away for a trust fund for him. At this young age there is no such set up and I do wonder what would happen to him. My sister and mum are both educated in the care of a parrot, but I don't think they'd be as committed to loving and playing with Odyssius as much as I am. Yet I also worry about them selling him to someone. My mum is a great judge of character, but I don't think she has enough bird knowledge to quiz a potential buyer. My partner and his parents might consider taking him on, but they already have a lot of other pets (chickens, dog, cats, a lorikeet) and I fear that he would be somewhat neglected (although he loves the company of their lory). It's hard. I've been meaning to talk to my mum about it for a while but I'm afraid she'll get the wrong idea and think that I'm hinting at suicide or something!
  9. Haha, thank you! His name was originally just Odin, but it's become Odin Odyssius (among other nicknames of course).
  10. Hey hey, I've actually started a parrot blog on tumblr, about my amazon parrot, so if anyone is interested in following, click here: http://odinodyssius.tumblr.com/ It contains movies, photos and tales of our exploits. Always happy to chat to more bird people!
  11. Will do! I'll start a diary in the diary forum =]
  12. Hotfoot, I'm in Victoria, outside of Melbourne in Lysterfield. Thanks, Suebarrass and Rioamazon. Rio, your banner is awesome! Tim, Odin speaks a lot of jibberish, but it's so cute! If he never actually learns to talk I won't mind because his vocalisations are hilarious! But he is almost saying "hello" and "what are you doing?" quite clearly.
  13. Well, as far as pet shops go, there are very few that sell amazons. Most sell conures, lorikeets, eclectus, cockatoos, quakers, budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds etc. Macaws and African Greys are near impossible to get from a pet shop. Amazons are less impossible, but not common in petshops. However, I did find a lot of blue-fronted and yellow-crown breeders but only two or three in my state. I didn't find many other breeders at all (maybe one or two) of other sub species of amazons - then again, I was only looking for yellow crowns. I didn't investigate all these breeders though, so for all I know, many were scams.
  14. What exactly do you mean by "easy"? Price, availability, licensing, etc?
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