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  1. I first saw these in Germany in the 80's, I was in the dog section in the army, we used them, I never liked them then. I thought they were banned in this country, but sadly not
  2. hi, if anyone interested, 24parrot r having a sale. just ordered mega loads from them.
  3. thanks pippy, i think i'll b going for the panasonic. your pictures r amazing, (i won't put it all down to the camera)lol :wink: the other thing that sway me, was the size of the canon, i'v got a small hand, so the TZ7 it is. Thanks pippy, u & your flock have a good xmas & New Year Kim x
  4. hi, your the expert with camera's, (i think) lol. I need a new camera, I'm looking at the panasonic dmc tz7, or canon sx200. what i need is a point & shoot camera with good zoom. which is the best one? Kimx
  5. Thanks for all your kind replies. I didn't have Henry long, 5,6 years. Doesn't seem that long. Henry was left on my doorstep, when that damn bird flu scare started. :x A letter with him, saying that these people had had him 33 years. And they had got him from someone else. They had just had their 1st grandchild, and the baby was living with them, and they couldn't risk him getting bird flu. They knew I had parrots, they could also hear the Amazons screaming. So I know they live local. Henry I think was a wild bird. Didn't want to b touched, only on his terms, but that was ok. That night, he let me pick him up and hold him,,he laid his head on my chest and went to sleep. GoodNight Henry :cry:
  6. My lttle ball of feathers died last night he had another seizure while I was on phone to vet, died shortly after. Xx
  7. Hi, I've phoned John Chitty, waiting for a call back. I've got an oldest grey, 38 years old, maybe older, called Henry. I've just got back after a weekend away. My son said Henry hasn't eaten much since I fed him Saturday, just drinks alot. His poo is mostly water with a few green bits in. He's very sleepy, wakes up & makes little noises, drinks, poos, go's back to sleep. It looks like Henry may of had a stroke, when I took him out of cage, he's limping round in circles with his head bent to the side Any advice pls.
  8. It's just started here, very light but swirling around. Kim
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    RIP Murphy 17/03/93-16/12/08
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