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  1. Come on guys - of course we eat Dandelion over here - just in liquid form! mmm
  2. Thanks guys - I've sent an email to aviaries.org for some further details - there stuff looks good
  3. I was going from the advice here: https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/index.php?topic=19498.0 Would the 2"x1" be better then? http://www.weld-mesh.com/aviary.php
  4. Just looking at some materials for constructing an outdoors flight for a 'future' macaw... http://www.weld-mesh.com/dogrun.php They do do 'Aviary' panels, which are essentially the same, but have 2"x1" mesh - but I thik I prefer the 2"x2". My biggest question is about the powder coating - is this OK with Parrots? If not, what is best? Standard Galvanised mesh?
  5. Thanks for all the valuable feedback guys. I understand the sentiments regarding such large birds, however, would I be satisfied with settling for something that my heart is not in? - which would inevitably result in me wishing to rehome the smaller bird to get a GW - I think this would be unfair. The only reason we are now considering introducing a parrot to our home is because the children are now able to understand, and appreciate the parrot - and its capabilities. The children would only ever interact with the parrot in VERY controlled enviroments - with the kids time being cage time for the parrot in general, with school time and night time for time with the parrot (being careful to ensure the parrot is socialised with the kids sufficiently). In reponse to the hazards around the home - we already have wood/vinyl floors throughout, and a 300sq/ft living room, with the intention of building an outdoor flight of similar size. All our pans are already stainless steel, and chemicals are already our enemy - parrot or no parrot. Calley - thanks for your insight. I have been reading some of your posts about your experiences with George (hope i got that correct?!) PS: apologies for the terrible spelling in my previous post!
  6. Hi all, wondering whether anyone can recommend any 'decent' books regarding keeping/training Macaws?
  7. I think test on a orum should never be taken 'literally' since you cant read emoion or expression. I suppose it comes back to treating your parrot like a child... ensuring it understands what is wrong, and similarly rewarding what is good. I'm sure no harm was intended by any posts.
  8. Can anyone recommend a rescue centre I could get in touch with to discuss the possibility in more detail?
  9. Firstly I would just like to say that we havn't takent his decision lightly. We appreciate all of the woes that come along with a Parrot. Understandably, a Macaw can cause damage to yourself and your home, but equally so can a puppy/dog! I think considering a smaller bird is not really an option, since our love is with the green wing - personally, I think regardles of the size of bird, they are all going to have the same basic requirement therefore none are suitable indoors... Our intention is to have a large out door flight for nicer weather, attached to the house for easy access. The parrot would be out of the cage the majority of the day, with plenty of interaction - seldom on his own. We have considered adopting a Parrot, but we were a little cocerned of any behavioural problems they may have inherited - plus, I feel it also detracts from the whole experience of keeping/training a Parrot.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. Was talking to ab reeder on the phone (very late last night) - forot to ask whether she was a member here. She also echoed similar feedback in that the greenwings are much easier to 'read'. I intend on socialising the parrot with the kid in a controlled way - with the parro largely having it's 'play time' when the kidsare in bed/at school. Now i'm on the search for suitable caes and wher to buy. Have looked at some which are 4'-6' wide, 6' high and 3' deep?
  11. Hi everyone, newbie to the forum here - go easy :wink: I've been doing considerable research into Greenwings, and getting a bit mixed feedback... Firstly, we live in a spacious detached house - we being myself, my wife and our two children (3 and 4). Both are well behaved and have been raised around all sorts of exotic and domestic animals. We have been keen on a parrot for some time now, but put off due to the kids. However, we feel we could provide a good home for a green wing. My wife is at home all day, so there would always be someone around for the parrot, and both me and my wife have had experience with parrots whilst growing, and feel confident in 'training'. The main point for posting was to get some real feedback from owners on the characteristics of the greenwing (in an environment with kids). From reading, they seem to be the more laid back/loving of the macaws? I'm hoping to get in touch with some breeder's here, so please get in touch if you can help... PS: don't mean to sound so formal - just want to get my points across
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