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  1. Hi people, thanks again for all the advice With regards to the random flying off, I dont think he is afraid or uncomfortable because he sits on top of his cage for a few hours playing and then decides to fly off, it may be because he's curious. This is now what I do and it seems to be working for about 80% of the time. I let him out (to sit on top of his open top cage) and when he's clambered on to the perch on top I give him his favourite treat (which appears to be a dried banana chip) he then sits there and plays for a while, he stretches his wings and flaps but doesn't fly off. If he does fly off, I put him in his cage for about 15 mins and then let him out on top again, this time he doesn't fly off (as I think he's making the association that if he does he'll go back in his cage). However I dont mind him flying I just don't want him to hurt himself because he always flies into the window/blinds and then crash lands on the floor. I want him to land on a small java tree I made. Also I've noticed that his flying off seems to be exacerbated in the evening, after around 6pm, he's quite good in the day but after 6pm when its a little darker and the sun has gone down he seems to want to fly at the window again... Also I'm still a concerned about his droppings, some of them are almost completely liquid and some of them are very normal. Is this ok? He doesn't seem to be too bothered about his fresh veg & fruit in the morning, he'd much rather just eat his pellets. I'm slowly trying to introduce new foods to him though but he's very happy eating his pellets and digestive biscuits (as recommended by the breeder). He's on top of his cage having a nap while I'm writing this, he does this thing where he flaps one wing and then the other in quick succession while he's standing on one leg lol
  2. Thank you so much for your advice. The random flying off is getting more frequent, I suppose the urge to fly is inevitable but I dont want him to hurt himself. Also this means I can't give him as much "out of the cage time" I would like because he just keeps flying off... Also he seems to be foraging a lot in one corner of the cage, he keeps scratching at the floor pushing all the newspaper to one side... how can I stop him from doing this? Oh and my new birdy's name is Dexter & I will put some pics up here as soon as I can
  3. Hi everyone, On Tuesday I took delivery of my lovely CAG. It was a long 13 weeks wait but he was well worth it! I have read up as much as I possibly could about parrots & have asked lots of questions on here. However I still have a few "new parrot owner" questions... 1) He is really friendly and doesn't bite, and he is also very comfortable and confident out of his cage. However when he is sitting on my hand, he usually wants to shuffle along my arm and up to my shoulder and sit there. How do I stop him from doing this? So that he just stays on my hand. Of course I keep moving him back but after a little while he tries it again, is it just a case of me persisting with it? 2) I've noticed that some of his droppings are very watery and some are what people would consider "normal". Is this because they wee and poo seperately or do their droppings contain both? 3) Only tonight when he was sitting on my hand he randomly flew off towards the window without any warning (the blinds were closed). He was just sitting normally and then decided to fly off. He did this 4 times and crash landed every time. After the 4th time I put him back in his cage where he continued to flap about and play and forage quite a lot. I think he was quite excited. Any reason why he just flew off? How can I control or regulate this? I dont mind him flying but I want him to fly when there is something there for him to fly to. 4) On a lesser note, when I've had him out and have been playing with him, I go to put him back in his cage but he doesn't want to get off my hand. I have to force him off my hand. Any tips to make him step off nicely and comfortably? Thanks in advace for any replies
  4. Thanks Greg, yes I have been handling him at the breeders but it has only been for like an hour at every 2 week intervals. That's fine that I should start handling him straight away, meaning that I take him out of his cage and sit/play with him for a while? I have booked a week off work for when he comes home lol I'm so excited He'll never be alone in the day as my father is disabled and will sit opposite him all day... Again that makes sense about the raw food, will try to get him flying asap too...
  5. Hi & welcome I was in much the same boat as yourself and needed the answer to many questions... I found them all on this forum
  6. Thanks rubytoo, more welcomed advice I was speaking to my breeder about all the dos and donts too but his words were "Greys are tough little things" meaning that I shouldn't worry too much if he has a bit of a nibble of a crisp or cheese every now and then. Oh another question I have is that when I feed him "fresh fruit and veg" in the morning, is the veg ok uncooked? Or should I cook it? Sorry if that's a dumb question :?
  7. I cant even defend that lol :? Thanks for your input too mpeafree, glad to hear your CAG is eating a lot more healthily
  8. Thanks again, yea it kinda makes sense not to feed any meat etc because they would not eat that in the wild (hence haven't evolved to cope with it)... So Greg in you opinion I should start to try handling him after the first 24 hours? Should we mix up the handlers or keep it to one person to start with?
  9. Thanks again guys Yes Greg I have your book and I think it's very well written and makes a lot of sense. What about feeding my grey meats or fish? Is this ok regularly? Or better more sporadically?
  10. That's fantastic advice. Thank you so much mcatee123 I know I'm asking quite specific questions but I want to know exactly how to care for my little baby...
  11. Hello people, I'm two weeks away from taking delivery of my Congo African Grey and following on from my mammoth list of questions (found here https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/28528-many-many-questions-about-african-greys/) I just have a few more questions that I have been compiling over these last few weeks, if you'd be so kind as to offer your opinions... I know birds have a very sensative respiratory system and I have already chucked out our scented candles etc, but do I need to worry about smells like fabric softner too? Even on the clothes that we are wearing (if I am cuddling the bird)? Or on a towel that we will use with him? I've seen lots of pictures/videos of greys chewing paper and cardboard etc, is this ok? Does the bird know not to eat it? What if it does eat some? Is it true that a baby will need more sleep than 12 hours a day? If so, how much more? Does this include napping in the day? What should be the frequency & quantity of meals (I know that every bird is different) but generally do they eat 3 meals a day with snacking in between? What times do people generally feed their greys? Are pellets ok as food that is always available to them in their cage (as a suppliment) in addition to their proper fresh meals everyday? Will my bird need a calcium suppliment from day 1? I know this will be rather difficult to gauge... Do I leave food in their cage at night for a nibble? Can they see enough to get to the food? Now for some food questions: I read somewhere that parrots shouldn't be given apple peel, is this correct? I know they should never be given the pips. Are oranges ok for them? I've also read that you can give them eggshells!? Is this true? As general once in a while nibbles, are any of these ok? (as they are consumed regularly in my house)... a crisp, bit of toast/bread, naan bread, a chip, chicken (other meats/fish?), yogurt, cake, cheese? What about any of these to drink, obviously not filling his bowl up, I just mean for him to stick his beak in my cup and have a sip... tea, orange juice, dilute ribena/orange, milk, coke, lemonade? And finally, when I bring him home how long should the adjustment period be? How long before I should start handling him? Or even let him out? Many thanks in advance for any help or advice
  12. That cage is lovely but yes very expensive! I think I will opt for getting a smaller cage to keep in a spare bedroom, as nobody has raised any concerns/issues with it. Can they even see in pitch black? I mean if I put water in there will he know where he's going if he needs a drink in the night?
  13. Thanks for the replies (& pic Kobe looks well cute in there does he have food and water in there too? Do they eat/drink at night? Is it important to get them into a routine?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm a month away from taking delivery of my Congo African Grey, I'm still waiting on a cage to come back into stock in the UK! The few cages I liked are not in stock (not even my backup options) none of them will be in stock for a few weeks. Worst case is I can get my breeder to keep hold of him/her until the cage arrives. One thing I keep reading about in various articles/threads is "sleep cages". Do you parrot folk use them? Aside from the obvious benefits, portability, less disturbance etc... is it better to have a sleep cage or not? I mean are there other benefits? Does the bird get into more of a routine, like he knows when he's put into his small cage it's time to go to sleep? Do they feel more secure sleeping in a smaller sleep cage? Any psychological issues/implications? Also what do you put in the sleep cage? Is it literally a perch or two and some water? What else should go in there (aside the bird) if I chose to go with this option? I'm looking at this option because I've also read that parrots need lots of undisturbed sleep (especially young ones), and the only way he will get this is if he sleeps upstairs in a spare bedroom. Thanks for your help
  15. I've never really thought about having two. However, the other one is sold anyway so I couldn't take them both (and couldn't afford to if I could). Don't think we could handle two to start with anyway lol
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