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  1. albert is a much bigger bird then Louie and although you cant see does have slightly different markings he has red on top of his wings louie doesn't
  2. albert and Louie are now in the same room could not quarantine for as long as i would have liked as my daughter is back home now the cages were opposite ends of the lounge and both have time out of the cage now the cages are next to each other and both have time out of the cage but not the same time and they are not out for as long as i would like but will be increasing the times, as for ever letting them out at the same time im not sure i brought albert a new cage smaller than the one he came in but not to small slightly bigger than louie's , the big cage is going to my friends pet shop she is going to adapt it to house chinchilla's. i do have another new addition a male canary named sunny by the little boy i look after , my dog is back at the vets tonight and im really not looking forward to it i think she has just had enough :roll:
  3. i really am not sure if i will be of any help to you i have two amazons and a cockatiel budgies etc i would not say i was experienced at all but if you cant find anyone to look after your parrot i would have her here for you as long as she has a cage i can find room i live near Redditch
  4. loved all the pics we are going to visit that place sometime this year for definate
  5. i am just introducing them
  6. i didnt think there would be but just thought i would ask
  7. i have two amazon parrots the one albert loves fruit everything i try he will eat not {nothing harmfull for him } but is there such a thing as a parrot having to much fruit he eats his parrot food as well
  8. ty for the welcomes i am happy to say bell is a brighter this morning wagging her tail ... but worried about getting albert now as the girl in the pet shop said he would make louie get nasty and i should not have two amazons, but albert is settling in fine, just got to give his cage a really good clean today it is a bit mucky put the clean newspaper on the tray when we got him home but really needs a good clean the bars etc and i have my cleaning solution water/vinergar, i use that to clean my rodents cages
  9. i am new here and thought i would post the link to some pics of my flock http://s567.photobucket.com/albums/ss117/eLainee1958/birds/
  10. bad day now my old lab (dog)is not very well her heart beat is raised waiting for blood test results and i popped into the pet shop and mentioned i had Albert and the girl in there was going on about louie would get nasty now i have another amazon so thats worrying me now left wondering if i have done the right thing having two amazons both male not in same cage not in same room yet :cry:
  11. its ok i knew what you meant i understand typonese lol
  12. and me but m not going to tell him that :wink:
  13. well thats what i think fate lol my husband just thinks we will be bankrupt , albert has settled in ok well he was playing with the toys last night did not seem stressed , pity he and louie cant eventually be in the same cage together but im not expert enough to think about trying to male amazons in the same cage no matter how big it is, love all your pics on photobucket
  14. got to the place where this alexandrine was and she had let someone else take him i was rather dissapointed to say the least.but i remembered there was an amazon needing a new home in the same sort of area , rang up went to look at him and , he was in a massive cage lucky bird but it had one perch in it, well i had to bring him home with me , his name is albert and he is two he looks in good condition , when my husband has put the cage together i have a few large toys i can put in there for him , i have a blue fronted amazon named louie he is very gentle but does not sit on your shoulder or anything like that he has always been good natured, he has his off days but gives you a warning . this one well he is never out of his cage and has not been handled so wish me luck this will be a new venture for me will post pics when he has settled down , dont know what louie will make of him when they are eventually in the same room
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