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  1. Thank you ANNHILL, scrap the last question ruby thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply ruby, do you know of one based in the uk?
  3. Can anyone tell me where i can get my parrot dna sexed, and roughly how much it costs i live in the west midlands, it will be greatly appreciated, thank you
  4. Just a quick update, Merlins had a couple of baths now and theres been no more large feathers fall out, so alls good happy days P.S. I thought i'd post a couple pics of Merlin after bath time
  5. Ha ha well done calley i had to look twice had me fooled lol, i know what i'll be doing with my feathers once i've collected enough now lol,
  6. Thanks for the speedy replys, and yes the other feathers which my son took to school was very similar to the large ones maybe a touch smaller, Merlin does enjoy his shower i'll give him a few extra ones, can you tell me what supplement i need as i don't use one, thanks for your help its really appreciated
  7. Hi guys, I'm a little concerned about Merlins feathers over the last couple of weeks I've found quite a few feathers on the bottom of his cage, i often find the small fluffy down feathers but just lately i'm finding larger ones, he does'nt have any bald patch's and he seems his normal happy self, do they shed feathers this large in molt? I hope it is molt and i'm over concerned, i look forward to your replys P.S. The image shows feathers which i have found over 2 weeks, there was a couple more which my son took to school,
  8. hi there, i thought i'd post a pic of merlin enjoying his breakfast, every morning he loves his marmite on toast Merlin is truly part of the family
  9. Only 12 lol, it must get noisy there, and yes Merlin loves being sprayed usually once or twice a week, he lets me know when by going crazy in his water bowl, Thanks for letting know about the website i'll take a look now
  10. Wow Marion how many birds do you have there? I have to be careful with merlin around my son just incase he nips but generally he only goes for women lol
  11. Merlin is such a soppy bird he just wants to be loved lol
  12. Wow i didn't expect so many replys, thank you all for your kind words, this is a great forum i love reading about your birds i find it so interesting because they live so long, one thing i did want to ask was in the morning i like to have marmite on toast Merlin goes crazy for it singing and calling me lol, he becomes really active when i start preparing it lol, am i ok giving him this? I'd hate to be feeding him something which is bad for him, he does have stable seed diet and fresh fruit and veg i also hang a full pomegranit in his cage which absolutely loves and makes a right mess but its worth it to see him so happy, i will upload some pics soon, thanks again for the kind welcome, Richie
  13. Hi my names richard, about a 4 weeks ago my sister asked me if i would like to have her orange winged amazon (Merlin). Well i jumped at the chance, Merlin is a beautiful bird he always took to me whenever i visited my sister, he would step straight onto my hand and climb to my shoulder and he would stay there for the remainder of the visit, i was with my when she purchased Merlin from a pet store in 1995 for £799, he will be 16 years old 17th April, he's so tame he pecks the soft skin on my eyelids and loves grooming my hair,i'm so glad i was offered to take car of this beautiful bird, its a great pleasure, i look forward to lots more years with this comical loving bird[/b]
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